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Accidental Aliens Anthology 2017 Kickstarter

Written by Tim Midura on Tuesday, March 21 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Accidental Aliens Anthology 2017 Kickstarter

The San Diego based art group Accidental Aliens already met their goal for their first anthology.

Source: Kickstarter

The San Diego based art group Accidental Aliens has launched a Kickstarter for their first comics anthology, which has already met its initial goal of $3,300, sitting just shy of $4,000 as of this writing, with 11 days left to go. Their first volume has 7 stories by 8 San Diego creators. 

The stories are:


Wanderers of Melisanda by Scott Lost

In the year 2518, Humanity has traveled the galaxy to discover new worlds, only to find a planet where a meteor never hit, and the first inhabitants survived & evolved. Will two dominant species on one planet be able to coexist? Welcome to the Wanderers of Melisanda...

"Wanderers of Melisanda takes place 500 years in the future. Basically, humans have destroyed the planet and used up its resources. We're going and terraforming other planets. This ship comes across a planet that's inhabitable. They land and realize there's indigenous life, which is this planet's version of the dinosaurs. A meteor never hit so they've survived and evolved. It's about how two dominant species would interact on one planet." - Lost



Detective Cobra Cop by Chris Terry

Who is DETECTIVE COBRA COP? He's half man, half cobra, half robot and all Detective. Cobra Cop fights crime and stuff. He also thinks he's funny.

"Detective cobra cop is a story about a man. A simple man, that is half cobra, half robot and 110% Detective. Also, math isn't his best subject. He probably fights crime too."  -Terry



BoomBap by Drah Hard

BoomBap is a story of a group of teenagers growing up in the Hip Hop scene in southern California in the 90's. Their journey in an age of discovery will put you through a rollercoaster ride of decisions that will mold them to adulthood. They will cross with many characters along the way, including: cops, security guards, rivals, gangs, thugs, bullies, racers, rebels, punks, surfers, skateboarders, ravers, jockeys, graffiti heads, b-boys/b-girls, and more.

"BOOMBAP is a story about a group of teenagers that grow up in the hip-hop scene in southern California during the 1990's. The teens will collide with a lot of different subcultures through their adventures and will make choices that will mold them into adulthood" -Hard




Fed Up by Andi Dukleth

A young woman with social anxiety copes with a bad break up and fighting her inner demons. After a bad night's sleep, she struggles to go through a normal day and put on a happy face, but her dark thoughts refuse to be ignored.

"It's loosely based off of my own experiences and my hope is that it will reach teenage girls so that they can learn that they are not obligated to be polite when people are being disrespectful" -Dukleth




Only In Dreams by Aricson Tarasova

The night Emily Takada cries herself to sleep after getting dumped by her girlfriend, she has a dream of a bewitching girl that helps put her loss into perspective and inspires her creativity as an artist.

"My story, Only in Dreams, is about a young artist who has a sensual dream of a bewitching cosplayer the night she gets dumped by her girlfriend and has a revelation about her creativity that helps her get over her romantic loss." -Tarasova




There's Something In The Green Flash by Travis Rivas

Brody is just looking to take his paddle board out for a relaxing sunset paddle. But not everything is at it seems. Brody is about to experience an evening of terror out on the ocean, and he's going to find out that there's something in the green flash.

"I'm very excited to be doing my very first horror comic story with the incredibly talented Emily Rocha. I'm a big fan of Jaws and I've always wanted to see more beach and ocean themed horror stories so I made one up. Anyone who lives in a beach city, like San Diego, has heard of the green flash so I thought it'd be fun to sort of explore that and put a bit of a twist on it. Emily's come up with some really creepy designs so hopefully people will be freaked out by it but still have a lot of fun with it." - Rivas




Sword Saga by Rodney Anderson Jr

A young warrior named Tal sets out on a quest for self discovery and high adventure seeking to understand the meaning of the power held by the jewel embedded within his chest. Armed with his grandfather's sword, the Trinidaji, he runs headlong into a world of danger and beauty. Welcome to the world of SWORD SAGA!

"SWORD SAGA is very much a passion project born out of my love of fantasy stories and movies like Conan the Barbarian, Beastmaster, Legend and of course Lord of the Rings. However in those stories never represent Black characters well (if at all). I'm a very big believer in representation in all forms of entertainment and a strong proponent for diversity in comics. Since I really didn't see a Black male character as the main character in a true dungeons and dragons fantasy I figured I'd do it myself. I hope Tal and the rest of SWORD SAGA's cast will add to the fabric of other great Black characters in comics that let readers know heroes come in all shapes and colors and we should celebrate that diversity." -Anderson Jr


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