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Godzilla Anime Movie Title Revealed? If Not Here's More Concept Art!

Written by Zechs on Wednesday, March 22 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Godzilla Anime Movie Title Revealed? If Not Here's More Concept Art!

So the title of the Godzilla anime movie might have been revealed. If not, least you have another official concept art reveal!

While we know there's a Godzilla animated movie coming out later this year (lucky for us on Netflix), not much is known about the plot of it. Oh sure we have concept art being shown to us, but that's it. Take last week, when we got more concept art shown via this tweet:


Here it is for all its glory to fully click on:



But that's it, until now. So for those looking not to be spoiled about anything more. I'm gonna give you some breathing room to avoid what come's next. 





















Today, Shin Godzilla dropped on Blu-Ray in Japan (lucky bastards. We still in the US have no idea when we're getting it on Blu-Ray or Digital). Anyone who purchased the movie got a few additional treats. One of those was a flyer for the Godzilla anime. Being that this is the internet, someone who bought said Blu-Ray realized that neither Toho, Polygon Pictures, nor the official site has said anything about it. So they, Ryoya Kikuchi posted it on Twitter (I couldn't find it. He might have removed it.) to which then made it's way to August Ragone (writer of the amazing book Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters) who then posted it on his Facebook (which is how I know of it). 

Here it is:


Godzilla: Monster Planet is the translation. Now, no one has officially said anything. Probably because the film will have a live stage event at AnimeJapan2017 on Sunday, March 26th (which is even stated above in that tweet). If the live stage event does officially reveal the title, then we'll let you know (and if more gets out). Until then.




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