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Rest Of The Movie 'Justice League' Appear For Their Teasers/Posters (Updated)

Written by sdsichero on Friday, March 24 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Rest Of The Movie 'Justice League' Appear For Their Teasers/Posters (Updated)

Separate appearances… they'll eventually unite. Update: Spoke too soon.

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Ahead of a new Justice League movie trailer on Saturday, a teaser video debuted featuring Aquaman (Jason Momoa). A character poster for Aquaman and later Batman (Ben Affleck) were also posted onine. It wasn't difficult to guess more would be coming too, and they did, just in time for tomorrow's trailer.

Before we get to the new characters, Batman also got a teaser video of his own:


Next up, is Flash (Ezra Miller):





Even though she has a movie out this Summer, Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) comes next. We guess Flash just pushed past her:





Finally, rounding out the League (except for that guy who is underground) is Cyborg (Ray Fisher):





The new Justice League trailer should drop tomorrow. The movie launches November 17, 2017.


Update: They got the band together.




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