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Marvel's Secret Empire Writer Justifies Child Tasing

Written by Tim Midura on Saturday, March 25 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Marvel's Secret Empire Writer Justifies Child Tasing

Under the right circumstances, it's fine, according to Nick Spencer.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Doing all the heavy lifting for us, He Who Will Not Be Named at Bleeding Cool ran a reflection on Nick Spencer's political history, in advance of his Secret Empire run, where Captain America continues to have been a Nazi Hydra agent all along. Part of the advertising campaign for the series will include a "Hydra takeover" of popular websites, presumably Marvel's PR arm which unofficially includes Newsarama, Valnet Presents CBR, and

Lucky for you, True Believer, The Outhouse isn't popular enough/Marvel won't pay us, so we'll be Hydra free until we get a check. Axel, DM me for my PayPal address.

A long, long time ago, before he was the superstar he is now, Nick Spencer twice ran, unsuccessfully, for a seat on the Cincinnati City Council. What were Spencer's views, you ask? He was pro-tasing children for one, these posts taken from his blog at the time.



He also acted as a sort of vigilante, calling the police to report drug deals.



He's just a concerned citizen, you say, not a vigilante. Well, he's taking credit for the arrests, according to this profile in CityBeat.

Spencer says he's tried the Hamilton County Sheriff, but the calls go unanswered. But the crux of the crime problem, Spencer says, is absentee landlords and disinterested business owners.

"I can get six dealers and prostitutes arrested at that building per day," he says. "They're going to be back out in 48 hours."

Secret Empire #1 is set to release on May 3.

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