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Hero Within Faces Backlash Having Man Model Wonder Woman Jacket

Written by Tim Midura on Thursday, March 30 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Hero Within Faces Backlash Having Man Model Wonder Woman Jacket

The real issue here is $109.00 for a jean jacket.

Source: Hero Within

Clothing company Hero Within, a partner with DC, is facing backlash over a Wonder Woman-themed denim jacket, not for having the gall to charge $109.00 after a pre-order discount, but for having a male model wear it. They posted a few of the responses over one of the images, accompanying the CEO, Tony B Kim's, response.


Kim's response is great and you can read it in full here, but I've grabbed a few standout portions below.

Batman and Superman shouldn't just be for boys and Wonder Woman just for girls. Being a hero is about courage, sacrifice and honor. Last time I checked, neither sex has a monopoly on those qualities.


It's 2017 and it's ridiculous that men have a hang up about wearing a shirt with a non-sexualized woman on it- especially since the opposite has been expected for women fans for decades. So my response to the guys that feel strongly that men wouldn't wear a Wonder Woman jacket; It's okay, it's not for you.


Support heroines and men that support them. You don't have to buy anything from us- use your passion for heroes to shape culture. Regardless of gender, that's what heroes do.


Be sure to check your fragile masculine egos at the door. Hero Within's Wonder Woman denim jacket is set to drop in May. Pre-order it here, before the price goes up by $20.

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