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No Longer on Twitter, Mark Waid Yells at Starbucks Newspaper Stand

Written by Tess Harlowe on Tuesday, April 11 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

No Longer on Twitter, Mark Waid Yells at Starbucks Newspaper Stand

After The New York Times covered Marvel's comments, an infuriated Waid berated the daily paper in person.

Source: New York Times

After his exit from Twitter, it was assumed that Mark Waid would be more relaxed, and while he may have been, his relaxation was unfortunately cut short when a stop in his local Starbucks led to a shouting match with a newspaper stand. According to sources the event occurred when the Marvel writer inspected the day's edition of the New York Times, which featured a story on Marvel's slumping sales.

"It was quite disturbing," said part-time barista Danny Boggs, "He casually picked up the paper and flipped through it like he was considering buying it. I thought he was, but then something caught his eye and he just started yelling about some guy named David and how he was taken out of context."

This is not Waid's first temper tantrum. While Waid has had justified bouts of anger against harassment groups like GamerGate and non-Steve Wacker fans, he has also unleashed his wrath on less deserving parties such as the Girl Scouts of America.

According to the barista and several patrons who were waiting for their drinks, Waid continued to yell at the newspaper for a full thirty minutes before calling it a liar and declaring that he "did not have time for such things."

"He drowned out our Josh Groban playlist. Cecily was bummed by that because she loves the Grobes. But we just had to keep going. These frappucinos aren't gone blend themselves," said Boggs. "Then he just used our bathroom and left. Dude didn't buy anything."

There is no word at this time regarding what Waid had intended to order, but it is believed he would use the "Secret Menu" as it features one of Marvel's pre-approved words.


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