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DC Magazine run by Ex-Wizard Magazine Employees Shockingly Fails

Written by Tess Harlowe on Thursday, April 13 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

DC Magazine run by Ex-Wizard Magazine Employees Shockingly Fails

Who could have seen this coming?

Source: Bleeding Cool

Bleeding Cool has reported that DC has canceled their own promotional magazine Direct Current, not to be confused with my proposed Sobe flavor Direct Currant. The announcement comes as a shock to many who thought its staff of former Wizard Magazine writers and editors were surely the men and women to carry a quarterly periodical to glory. Unfortunately for DC this was not so, and their quarterly magazine staffed by members of a failed magazine failed.

In light of this, DC hired United CEO Oscar Munoz to address the public thanks to his prior handling of unfortunate situations. "Who could have seen this coming?" said Munoz, "Our staff did exactly what was expected of them in this situation. Unfortunately we will have to re-accommodate these solicitations and promotional materials."

While it is unknown what will happen with the staff, DC is already announcing the moving forward with their next project: A game console from the creators of the N-Gage where you can play games exclusively made by the former designers of Acclaim Games.

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