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DC To Pick Up Diversity Ball On Dark Matter Line After Marvel Dropped It

Written by Tim Midura on Friday, April 21 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

DC To Pick Up Diversity Ball On Dark Matter Line After Marvel Dropped It

When I think diversity, I think 11 out of 11 male writers.

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At a press-only panel at C2E2, where DC must've forgot to send out our invitation again, DC co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio took a question about the motivation for including an expanded cast of people of color, women, and minorities in Dark Matter, their new artist-focused line of books. DiDio called the process "organic," and Lee said there was "no mandate" for the diversity of the cast. Though they did fail to mention anything about 9 of the 11 creators being white men.

Dark Nights: Metal artist Greg Capullo weighed in on his reason for drawing a diverse cast and that's because he's walked around New York before.

"Growing up, when I was drawing a crowd scene, I was just filling crowd scenes with white people. Why? Cause I'm a white person and I know how to draw white people. But you walk down the street in Manhattan, and you see everybody there, so as I matured, you notice the world is all of this."

John Romita Jr., artist on The Silencer, had a bit of a rough go, regarding gender, a lack of transgender people in comics, and his thoughts on diversity. [Bold mine.] 

"There's a cynical side to this, to your point. Why are you creating these characters just to add more diversity when everyone knows you're doing that?"

"If somebody had taken the Punisher, and made him female instead of who he is now - Frank Castle is now Francine Castle - that would piss me off. We've got two choices - well, three, but we're not doing any transgenders just yet. I just don't think of this as diversity, I think of it as just a new character. I think it's great to have a new character. I just don't look at is a diversity thing, because there have been great female characters and great characters of color through the decades."

This charming line from JRJR was cleverly omitted in a report from DC's PR wing Valnet Inc. Presents Comic Book Resources, as the outlet chose to paraphrase his words instead of quoting verbatim.

DC's "natural" push for diversity comes hot on the heels of Marvel's VP of Sales David Gabriel's remarks that people don't want diversity anymore. Which coincided with Marvel EIC Axel Alonso's Fortune profile praising his diversity initiative.

The bright side to all this is that without women on the line, all the creators can safely work under editor Eddie Berganza.

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