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Nick Spencer Doesn't Understand How Free Comic Book Day Works

Written by Tim Midura on Tuesday, April 25 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Nick Spencer Doesn't Understand How Free Comic Book Day Works

The one where The Outhouse explains how Free Comic Book Day works.

Source: Twitter

Free Comic Book Day is a yearly event, where comic book publishers come together to help bring new readers into comic book shops by selling specially discounted comics, usually between 12-50 cents, to shops, where they give them away for free. Just to be clear, the shops give these comics they paid for away for free. Spurned by comics news outlets for releasing spoilers for the FCBD Secret Empire issue, after personally showing readers those spoilers, Nick Spencer took to Twitter to throw shade on the comics news outlets that ran those spoilers.

Spencer is claiming that by spoiling that Secret Empire issue, the retailers that are planning to give that issue away for free will be hurt, presumably because people will be less likely to stop into the shop to pick up something free.

Meanwhile, the world's leading rumormonger Rich Johnston says DC takes a difference stance on spoilers.


It's too bad that comics shops won't see that bump in sales and instead will be losing between 12-50 cents on each comic they give away. Retailers are hurting, Nick, but not in the way you think. Gimmicks, variant covers, and recycled events hurt the industry more than spoilers for a free issue.

This year's Free Comic Book Day takes place on May 6. 

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