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28 Marvel Comics Sold 20,000 & Under in April!

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, May 09 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

28 Marvel Comics Sold 20,000 & Under in April!

Twenty-eight Marvel Comics in April were 20,000 or below in sales. But hey, at least they got that #1 spot with no tomfoolery or shenanigans right?

Source: RU's Views

So mostly every other site is talking about the Top 10 and the shenanigans that occurred for Secret Empire #0 to nab the #1 spot in the month of April (but we totally called in before that what the true results would be). If you look deeper into April sales' figures there's a massive sales' problem afflicting Marvel Comics. Twenty-eight comics published by sold 20,000 issues or less. TWENTY-EIGHT. DC Comics only has thirteen (and I'm being kind here listing a few of those. If we just go by the "Rebirth" line of comics then only five).  

Now to be also fair to Marvel. A few of these are "stealth" mini's, announced to be canceled, or the final issues for some ongoings. Regardless, seeing the latest volume of Captain Marvel down there along with three Avengers comics, two lead-ins to Secret Empire (Thunderbolts #12 and Captain America: Sam Wilson #21) you're seeing troubling signs emerge. 

Here's the twenty-eight comics published by Marvel, along with their various fates (that we know of): 


Ms. Marvel #17 - 20,881

Captain America: Sam Wilson - #21 - 18,650

Gwenpool - #14 - 17,972

Captain Marvel - #4 - 17,893

US Avengers - #5 - 17,880

Ultimates 2 - #6 -17,350

Dr. Strange & Sorcerers Supreme - #7 - 16,887

Man-Thing - #3 - 16,199 *Mini

Hawkeye - #5 - 16,031

Totally Awesome Hulk - #18 - 16,009

Spider-Man 2099 - #22 - 15,273

Elektra - #3 - 15,113 *Mini

Silver Surfer - #10 - 15,041

World Of Wakanda - #6 - 14,547*Soon to be Canceled

Nova - #5 - 14,525 *Soon to be Canceled 

Silk - #19 - 13,524 * Final Issue

Thunderbolts - #12 - 13,780 *On Hiatus Until Secret Empire Ends

Kingpin - #3 - 13,765 *Mini

Rocket Raccoon #5 - 13,373 *Soon to be Canceled

Power Man & Iron Fist #15 - 13,055 *Soon to be Canceled

Bullseye - #3 - 12,912 *Mini

Star Lord - #6 - 12,278 *Soon to be Canceled

Squirrel Girl - #19 - 11,074

Occupy Avengers - #6 - 10,296

Unstoppable Wasp - #4 - 9,780

Great Lakes Avengers - #7 - 8,370

Moon Girl and Devil Dino - #18 - 7,966

Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat - #17 - 6,943 *Final Issue

Now of that number, thirteen haven't been axed yet. But you can almost feel the cancellation ax swinging toward these comics. The question now is will any survive when Marvel Legacy (their next event) launches or will some (more presumably) be canceled then relaunched as per the usual Marvel method? I guess we'll find out in the coming months. Along with can Marvel course correct this obviously leaking ship?




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