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DC's Smartest Choice For New Batman Editor Is Outhouse's EIC Tim Midura

Written by Tim Midura on Friday, May 19 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

DC's Smartest Choice For New Batman Editor Is Outhouse's EIC Tim Midura

Consider this my resume and cover letter. Round two.

Dear Jim Lee, Dan Didio, Diane Nelson, Bob Harras, and Geoff Johns,


I don't know if you're aware of me, but I'm current Editor-In-Chief of The Outhouse and also oversee its sister sites Has DC Comics Done Something Stupid Today? and Is Wolverine Still Dead?. I've been in my current position since November 2016, and I've been with the website since September 2013, which is way too long. Comics professionals have long been hired from comics journalism (Hannah Means-Shannon, Andy Khouri, Mark Waid) and I'm ready to make the leap, just as my predecessors have done. It's a lengthy tradition and I'm hoping to keep it going. I'd be a good fit for the Batman editor position, as most people merely adopted Batman, but I was born into Batman, molded by it. I didn't see Wolverine until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding.

What's in it for you, you ask? You get a top-notch editor. My attention to detail and ability to hit deadlines is unmatched. Also, there probably won't be anyone willing to takeover this thankless position, so The Outhouse will most likely shutter. I've been reading comics since I was a child and am passionate about the medium. The Outhouse's humor comes from a place of caring about comics and wanting them to be better.

Let's go over the responsibilites.

  • Manage the editorial product based on existing IP and leverage their wide, commercial appeal to expand readership.
    • This corporate jargon sounds really important.
  • Identify and develop new, world building editorial product designed to expand on the franchise or group of titles when and if possible with the key creative stakeholders of the licensed IP.
    • Batman with real world corporate branding to promote brand synergy.
  • Manage the creative process for editorial products from conception through publication.
    • "Write this. Draw that. Send it to me." Done.
  • Ensure that schedules and quality standards are met.
    • Don't be late.
  • Seek to innovate and utilize new technologies to best reach existing fans of licensed IP and brand build with IP partners.
    • Innovation is my middle name. Actually, it's Michael.
  • Seek ways to freshen ongoing series with new talent and story lines.
    • DC NOW! All-New, All-Different DC! Or fire Jim Lee.
  • Oversee approval process to streamline and optimize communication and collaboration between editorial and IP stakeholders.
    • We'll use email instead of DC's current way of sending letters.
  • Supervise and develop team members.
    • Tell Jim Lee to finish All Star Batman & Robin, when Dan Didio won't let me fire Lee.
  • Other duties/projects as assigned.
    • I like a little mystery in my life.

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in a related field or equivalent experience.
    • Two associates is basically a bachelor's.
  • 7-10 years directly related editorial experience.
    • Are dog years fine?
  • 2+ years experience managing a creative team.
    • I'd say I have, but The Outhouse's writers aren't that creative.
  • Ability to manage a creative team.
    • Well, I wouldn't necessarily call DC's current team creative.
  • Knowledge of comic book industry strongly preferred.
    • I read Comichron and Comics Beat.
  • Knowledge of art (ability to discuss composition, design, etc...) required.
    • I can finally put that art school education to use.
  • Copyediting and proofreading skills preferred.
    • Have you seen Zechs' published articles? Imagine them before I edit them.
  • Ability to meet deadlines required.
    • I complete deadlines before they're even started.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing required.
    • I talk good.
  • Ability for some light travel strongly preferred.
    • 186,000 miles per second is fast, but I'll try.
  • Must have the ability to communicate effectively and tactfully with managers and other levels of personnel.
    • I'm wicked professional in the workplace.
  • Must have the ability to pay close attention to details.
    • Did you happen to catch that the first letter of each paragraph spells out a word? Made you look.
  • Must have the ability to organize.
    • Look at how neat these bullet points are.
  • Must have the ability to work well under time constraints.
    • Queen and David Bowie's Under Pressure was written about me.
  • Must have the ability to handle multiple tasks.
    • Juggling is my middle name. It's still Michael.
  • Must have the ability to meet deadlines, manage multiple project elements simultaneously.
    • See above.
  • MAC/PC proficiency required.
    • Bam. Already am.
  • Domestic travel up to 10%.
    • 10% is better than 0%.

I can be reached at my personal email or The Outhouse's email. I'm currently based in San Diego, but I hear Burbank is nice this time and all times of year.


Tim Midura


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