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Marvel Reveals First Batch of 'Generation' Covers & Creative Teams Behind it!

Written by Zechs on Friday, May 19 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Marvel Reveals First Batch of 'Generation' Covers & Creative Teams Behind it!

The first wave of covers for the one-shots and the creative teams behind them have been revealed by Marvel.

Needing a miracle, Marvel has put a lot into Generations. Yes, the event after the event currently going on (and extended because we need that tenth issue of Secret Empire BAD!) that they promised us wasn't an event, but we're just gonna call it for what it is. 

What we know of the Rebirth event is basically a return to basics meat and potatoes, the possible end of "rage-filled" storytelling that's been the Marvel way since Avengers Disassembled, and as the title implies it'll involve legacy with the past and present heroes teaming up (though how we still don't know since some are dead or worse Nazis) for an adventure that'll go with the new status quo. 

Here's the covers and creative teams for all but Ms. Marvels (other than G. Gordon Wilson will be writing it)  the Iron (Brian Michael Bendis is writing this with Marco Rudy on art) one-shots and Nova-- oh wait. Right... Okay, what about the Ghost Riders-- dammit. The Venoms-- oh. Wait, I got it! Spider-Girls-- nah now I'm just being utterly ridiculous. No one at Marvel cares anymore of their still longest lasting female hero. Just us small select fans who keep hoping they remember Mayday and Anya or even Spider-Gwen. Um, there's gonna be a Generations Wave 2 right? 

Okay, of my fooling here's the covers and creative teams what we know:





GENERATIONS: THE STRONGEST starring Banner (?! What happened to the Incredible?) Hulk and Amadeus Cho, the Totally Awesome Hulk
Written by: Greg Pak
Art by: Matteo Buffagni




GENERATIONS: THE PHOENIX starring Jean Grey and Jean Grey 
Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: RB Silva





GENERATIONS: THE BEST starring Wolverine and All-New Wolverine 
Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Ramon Rosanas




GENERATIONS: THE BRAVEST starring Captain Mar-Vell and Captain Marvel
Written by Margie Stohl
Art by Brent Schoonover



GENERATIONS: THE ARCHERS starring Hawkeyes, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop
Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Stefano Raffaele




GENERATIONS: THE THUNDER starring The Mighty Thor and The Unworthy Thor (oh hey it's Apocalypse! Wait-- is this an stealth X-Men comic?)
Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Mahmud Asrar



GENERATIONS: THE SPIDERS starring Peter Parker: Spider-Man and Miles Morales: Spider-Man
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Ramon Perez




GENERATIONS: THE AMERICAS starring Steve Rogers: Captain America and Sam Wilson: Captain America
Written by Nick Spencer
Art by Paul Renaud

These various one-shots will be released in August and September. Note as well, that we're still missing a cover for some of these. So expect a full showcase eventually. 

So readers, do you care? Or has Marvel burned the bridges too much, or are you waiting to see more? Like a price point? A $2.99 price point? Or a preview? Or a hope for better writing? 


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