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Outhouse Shocker! Marvel Announces A New 'Runaways' Series

Written by sdsichero on Thursday, June 01 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Outhouse Shocker! Marvel Announces A New 'Runaways' Series

YA author Rainbow Rowell to pilot the Leapfrog

Source: Rainbow Rowell to write Marvel's new Runaways series

Recently, Marvel tweeted out a teaser featuring Nico Minoru aka. Sister Grimm with the tagline "Get ready to run", hinting at a new Runaways series. Since then, the company posted a few other tweets featuring other Runaways characters, oddly not on a daily basis:

Nico Minoru/Sister Grimm:



Old Lace:



Chase Stein/Talkback:



Karolina Dean/Lucy in the Sky:



Molly Hayes/Princess Powerful:



Now, Outhouse Shocker! a new Runaways series has been confirmed. Taking the helm on this outing will be Young Adult author Rainbow Rowell (Eleanor & Park, Fangirl, and Carry On). At the outset, the Runaways will not be a team, but separated says the author:

"At the beginning of this series they are scattered to the four winds and half of them are dead. One of the challenges now is who are they when they’re apart? They got thrown together, but now they’ve been pulled apart. They’re trying to figure out who they really are without each other… This arc is very much about them choosing to be together."


Though there is no word of later Runaways characters, Victor Mancha, Xavin, or Klara Prast, we will be seeing other characters from the previous runs. Alex Wilder, who recently appeared in Power Man and Iron Fist, will be back to complicate things, and so (apparently) will Gertrude Yorkes/Arsenic (!).



Runaways by Rainbow Rowell and artist Kris Anka will find its way onto comic shelves this September.



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