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Oni Press September 2017 Solicitations

Written by Tim Midura on Friday, June 16 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Oni Press September 2017 Solicitations

Highlights include Made Men #1, Kaijumax Season Three #3, and Rick & Morty #30.

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PAUL TOBIN (W) • ARJUNA SUSINI (A/CA) • GONZALO DUARTE (C/CA)COVER B ILLUSTRATED BY JUAN FERREYRAYou don't know Jutte Shelley, but you might know her family. Before she was a Shelley, she was a Frankenstein. These days, she's a Detroit Special Ops officer. At least she was, until she and her entire team were ambushed during what should have been a routine call. Jutte watched as, one by one, her friends were gunned down. And then, in a flurry of bullets, Jutte fell too. But Jutte isn't like other people. She's a Frankenstein. And she knows all her family's secrets. Guess who's getting the gang back together?SEPTEMBER 6 / 32 Pages / Mature / Action, Humor / $3.99


KYLE STARKS (W) • GABO (A/C) • BRIAN HURTT WITH BILL CRABTREE (CA)Stuck in the freezing Zombiepocalypse that is Dead of Winter, how could things get any worse for our intrepid heroes? How about they get blown up and "rescued" by a drunk mall Santa? How about being held captive in a police station by an insane police officer while it slowly becomes overrun by the zombie menace? That's being stuck between rock and a hard place, friends!SEPTEMBER 13 / 32 Pages / Mature / Horror, Humor / $3.99


TINI HOWARD (W) • MARC ELLERBY (A/CA) • KATY FARINA (C/CA)COVER B ILLUSTRATED BY JOSCELINE FENTONAw gee, Morty's on his way to stop the Council of Ricks! Morty battling just isn't right, and we've gotta stop it! That is, until he gets stopped by Beth, and her team of pocket Jerries! Swimming Jerry! Wizard Jerry! Buff Jerry! They're all here, and they're all out to stop Morty!SEPTEMBER 13 / 32 Pages / Teen, 16+ / Humor, Sci-fi / $3.99


CULLEN BUNN (W) • BRIAN HURTT (A/CA) • BILL CRABTREE (C/CA)Eddie and his pal Pauly Bones tried to play a demon's game. They tried to bargain with infernal forces for their own lost souls. And it blew up in their faces. Now they're lost in an ancient cemetery, stalked by hired guns and demons alike. No wonder one of these two is planning on double-crossing the other!SEPTEMBER 6 / 32 Pages / Mature / Crime, Fantasy / $3.99


ZANDER CANNON (W/A/C/CA)Gang tensions continue to ratchet up between the J-Pops and the Cryptids as Whoofy (and his consiglieri Li'l Boy) fight The Mountain for what's left of the uranium trade. Meanwhile, the crooked Dr. Zhang gets a reminder from the Moon Bunnies that she's late on her drug payments and they stress—in no uncertain terms—that it is not healthy for her to cross them.Powerful inmates return to the prison and threaten to upend the precarious species truce. Also: Severed heads! The Sharkmon of Kaijumax! And... a pep-talk from Satan?SEPTEMBER 13 / 32 Pages / Mature / Sci-fi / $3.99


TED NAIFEH (W/A/C/CA)After rescuing the city Alderman from assassination, Emerane takes him to her tenement for refuge, only to find the Furie near death from a poisoned arrow. It seems the House of Asps intend to eliminate Umber's only defenders of justice. But to what end, and at whose command, Emerane must find out. What she doesn't yet realize is that, as the Night, she is their final target. Will her former companion, Azmeer, be her end?SEPTEMBER 20 / 32 Pages / Mature / Fantasy, Adventure / $3.99


KYLE STARKS (W) • BENJAMIN DEWEY (A/C) • MARC ELLERBY (A/C) • CJ CANNON (CA) • KATY FARINA (CA)COVER B ILLUSTRATED BY JULIETA COLÁSSPECIAL GUEST ARTIST: BENJAMIN DEWEY (THE AUTUMNLANDS)! Beth Smith is overworked, under-appreciated, and probably slightly drunk. But she still saves (horse) lives every day! That is, until her life is changed in one simple moment...SEPTEMBER 27 / 32 Pages / Teen, 16+ / Humor, Sci-fi / $3.99


JOHN ALLISON (W/A/C/CA)The Tackleford gang is back with a new case that demands solving! When Tackleford's derelict barns begin going up in flames, Linton and Sonny are on the case with a moderately mysterious new friend. Paths cross, however, when Lottie and Mildred meet a terrifying yet misunderstood creature living beneath a bridge! Throw in an overly enthusiastic fire brigade, a transforming skate ramp, and a new French teacher and you've got the kind of charming genius that can only be found in John Allison's BAD MACHINERY.NOVEMBER 8 / 136 Pages / Softcover, 9" x 6" / All Ages / Humor, Mystery / $12.99


CHARLES SOULE (W) • JOËLLE JONES (A) • DREW MOSS (A) • RYAN KELLY (A) • ALISE GLUŠKOVA (A) • LANGDON FOSS (A) • DAN JACKSON (C) • ALBERTO J. ALBURQUERQUE (CA)The crew of the Clarke may just be humanity's last hope. Sent to investigate an alien construction in the asteroid belt, they're hoping to make discoveries, establish first contact, and— though it's a long shot—stay alive for as long as they can.They all came aboard knowing it would be a one-way trip. So what propelled them to sign up? For some, it was a choice. For others, it was a chance. Learn the extraordinary story about how the crew of the Clarke came together, featuring one-shots by guest artists Joëlle Jones, Drew Moss, Ryan Kelly, and Alise Gluškova, as well as the origins of the mysterious Builders, from guest artist Langdon Foss.NOVEMBER 15 / 136 Pages / Softcover / Mature / Sci-fi / $19.99


ERIKA MOEN (W/A/CA) • MATTHEW NOLAN (W/C)Erika and Matthew think the world of sex is fantastic. Using comedy, real-life experiences, and research, they create some the best educational, informative, sex-positive comics around. (The puns are an added bonus!)In this fourth volume, they tackle a variety of interesting topics, including sex toys, what to expect at a gynecologist visit, the question of "what even IS sex?", and STI testing. In addition, an entire third of the book is dedicated to showcasing guest cartoonists with their unique experiences and perspectives about sex, covering topics from body image to fursuiting to pegging, to name a few!Every volume of Oh Joy Sex Toy is a stand-alone adventure into the world of sex, so whether you've collected the other volumes or not, this book is a great fit on any shelf!NOVEMBER 1 / 312 Pages / Softcover / Mature / Education, Humor / $29.99


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