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'Marvel Legacy' Changes The Industry… With Homage Covers?

Written by sdsichero on Friday, June 23 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

'Marvel Legacy' Changes The Industry… With Homage Covers?

So far, internet still intact…

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Marvel  teased yesterday that there would be "industry changing" news related to the Marvel Legacy  initiative announced today. Do you feel that rumble? We don't either. The day's not over, but so far what Marvel has released, in the most annoying way possible, are a bunch of covers to comics that are homages to previous covers. Woo. No creative teams were announced for these titles.

As mentioned, they have done it in the most annoying way possible. Releasing a few to different genre websites (hey, where's our exxxclusives?!) and also in the form of animated gifs. Ugh. Well here they are (the covers being paid tribute to will be listed second)… gets the first salvo. In this bunch, we get the cover to Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, which is a Fantastic Four tribute. Could this be the "Fantastic Three" storyline reported before? Is it related to the "it takes two" tweet as well?

incrediblehulkIncredible Hulk cover by Mike Deodato (Incredible Hulk #94 by Ladronn)


americaAmerica cover by Benjamin Caldwell (Amazing Spider-Man #39 by John Romita Sr.)


xmenblueX-Men: Blue cover by David Lopez (X-Men #10 by Jim Lee)


moongirlanddevildinosaurMoon Girl & Devil Dinosaur cover by Felipe Smith (Fantastic Four #49 by Jack Kirby)



Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows cover by Khary Randolph (Amazing Spider-Man #252 by Mike Zeck)


astonishingxmenAstonishing X-Men cover by John Cassaday (Astonishing X-Men #1 by John Cassaday)


 The next round was released by Comicvine:

secretwarriorsSecret Warriors cover by Dave Johnson (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 by Jim Steranko)


oldmanloganOld Man Logan cover by Cameron Stewart (Wolverine #2 by John Buscema)


lukecageLuke Cage: Hero For Hire cover by Dave Johnson (Luke Cage: Hero For Hire #1 by John Romita Sr.)


invincibleironmanInvincible Iron Man cover by Alan Davis (Invincible Iron Man #150 by John Romita Jr. and Bob Layton)


icemanIceman cover by Michael Ryan (Champions #1 by Gil Kane)


Syfy gets the next round:

champions2Champions cover by Daniel Mora (Avengers Annual #17 by Sal Buscema)


hawkeye2Hawkeye cover by Greg Smallwood (Hawkeye #1 by David Aja)


jessicajones2Jessica Jones cover by Daniel Mora (Marvel Team-Up Annual #4 by Frank Miller)


spiderman2Spider-Man cover by Mark Bagley (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #6 by John Romita Sr.)


usavengers2U.S. Avengers cover by Christian Ward (Fantastic Four #261 by John Byrne)


allnewguardiansofthegalaxy2All-New Guardians of the Galaxy cover by Ron Lim (Infinity Gauntlet #1 by George Perez)


 PreviewsWorld also gets a round of covers…

deadpoolDeadpool cover by Salvador Espin (Amazing Spider-Man #129 by John Romita Sr.)


cableCable cover by Rob Liefeld (New Mutants #87 by Rob Liefeld)


avengersAvengers cover by Mike Allred (Avengers #53 by John Buscema & George Tuska)


moonknightMoon Knight cover by Bill Sienkewicz (Moon Knight #25 by Bill Sienkewicz)


thepunisherThe Punisher by Tim Bradstreet (Iron Man #282 by Kevin Hopgood)


royalsRoyals cover by Juan Doe (Uncanny X-Men #142 Terry Austin)


The folks at Nerdist also shared their covers, but (at the time of this writing) did not provide cover artist names, so we won't be guessing them:

blackpantherBlack Panther (Incredible Hulk #340 by Todd McFarlane and Bob Wiacek)


daredevilDaredevil (Uncanny X-Men #135 by John Byrne and Terry Austin)


mightycaptainmarvelMighty Captain Marvel (Incredible Hulk #1 by Jack Kirby)


drstrangeDr. Strange (Dr. Strange #177 by Gene Colan and Tom Palmer Sr.)


generationxGeneration X (Generation X #1 by Chris Bachalo and Mark Buckingham)


unbeatablesquirrelgirlUnbeatable Squirrel Girl (Silver Surfer #1 by Moebius)


Here is Newsarama's offering…

venomVenom cover by Francesco Mattina (Amazing Spider-Man #546 by Steve McNiven)


shehulkShe-Hulk cover by Duncan Fegredo (Incredible Hulk #115 by Herb Trimpe)


monstersunleashedMonsters Unleashed cover by Daniel Mora (Fantastic Four #1 by Jack Kirby)


blackboltBlack Bolt cover by Christian Ward (Uncanny X-Men #141 by John Byrne and Terry Austin)


amazingspidermanAmazing Spider-Man cover by Alex Ross (Spider-Man: A Rockomic Album cover by John Romita Sr.)


allnewwolverineAll-New Wolverine cover by Kris Anka (Fantastic Four #112 by John Buscema)


IGN also gets a set of covers (though one was a repeat, so we won't include it here)…

xmengoldX-Men: Gold cover by Ben Caldwell (X-Men #100 cover by Dave Cockrum)


SpiritsofVengeanceSpirits of Vengeance cover by Ken Lashley (Giant-Size X-Men #1 by Dave Cockrum)


DefendersDefenders cover by Szymon Kudranski (Avengers #16 by Jack Kirby)


JeanGreyJean Grey cover by Mike Mayhew (Astonishing X-Men #2 by John Cassaday)


SpiderGwenSpider-Gwen cover by Khary Randolph (Amazing Spider-Man #316 by Todd McFarlane)


 Newsarama thought the flood was over, but it was not. Here are more:

benreillyscarletspiderBen Reilly: The Scarlet Spider (Amazing Spider-Man #51 by John Romita Sr.)


ironfistIron Fist (Iron Fist #14 by Dave Cockrum)


unbelievablegwenpoolUnbelievable Gwenpool (Fantastic Four #200 by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott)


thanosThanos (Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #12 by Mike Zeck)


uncannyavengersUncanny Avengers (Avengers #187 by John Byrne and Terry Austin)


spidermanvsdeadpoolSpider-Man vs. Deadpool (Amazing Spider-Man #34 by Steve Ditko)


msmarvelMs. Marvel (Captain America #109 by Jack Kirby)


weaponxWeapon X (Weapon X by Barry Windsor-Smith)


That's it for now. We're sure they'll be more though…


UPDATE: Here's one more

peterparkerspectacularsm.gifPeter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man cover by Paolo Siquera (Captain America #260 by Al Milgrom)



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