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'Doctor Strange' Gets A New Creative Team In November

Written by sdsichero on Wednesday, July 19 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

'Doctor Strange' Gets A New Creative Team In November

Also a new Sorcerer Supreme (but you knew that)

Source: New Sorcerer Supreme Taking Over in Marvel's Doctor Strange Comic

Well that was fast. Doctor Strange got a new creative team this past May, and come November a new team will be in the Doctor's office. The new team will be writer Donny Cates (God Country, Star Trek) and artist Gabriel Hernandez Walta (Vision, X-Necrosha: The Gathering). This change comes during the Marvel Legacy initiative, so it looks like it will be starting with Doctor Strange #381.

The new creative team comes with a new storyline, and if you were paying attention to the Marvel Legacy issue titles, you won't be surprised at the story's turn. Doctor Strange #381's issue title is "Loki: Sorcerer Supreme", so if you guessed that the god of lies Loki would be the next Sorcerer Supreme, pat yourself on the back.

DOCTOR_STRANGE_CVR_MIKE_DEL_MUNDO.jpgDoctor Strange #381 cover by Mike Del Mundo


Cates teases the upcoming arc:

"That's right, kids...Loki has taken the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme from our good Doctor! What does that mean for Stephen? And what lengths will Strange go to see his title and his home returned to him? I'll say can guess all you like, but there is absolutely no way anyone will see the answers to these questions coming. As a dedicated Marvel fan myself, I can confidently say the events of this arc are some of the most shocking things in Marvel comics to date. I'm so excited to see what everyone thinks!"


Cates also signed an exclusive contract with Marvel, the terms of which were not detailed.

DOCTOR_STRANGE_WALTA_001-720x1023.jpgDoctor Strange cover art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta


DOCTOR_STRANGE_WALTA_002-720x1088.jpgDoctor Strange cover art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta


Does this mean that Tom Hiddleston will be replacing Benedict Cumberbatch in the Doctor Strange movie sequel?!

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