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SDCC: DOOM! Fox Incites Doom Everywhere Announcing Another Attempt at Fantastic Four Franchise!

Written by Zechs on Friday, July 21 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

SDCC: DOOM! Fox Incites Doom Everywhere Announcing Another Attempt at Fantastic Four Franchise!

Three times the charm! As Fox continues to give the middle finger to fans of Marvel Comics everywhere that a Dr. Doom adaptation is in the works.

Twice Fox has tried to make Fantastic Four a franchise. Twice they've failed at it (quite spectacularly in 2015 or lest we forget). Well, sadly it appears they still want to spite Marvel and Disney from ever getting the property back.

Noah Hawley, the mastermind behind FX's Legion confirmed at the panel for the show that yes indeed Fox is still dumbstruck to even consider another shot. In just three simple sentences he confirmed many Marvel fans worst fears: 


I'm developing a film for Fox and I'll just say two words. Doctor. Doom.


Oh sure, a live-action Doctor Doom movie. I myself have dreamt of such a thing. To see the greatest villain hero ever in literature in live-action. It would dwarf any cinematic event ever. And here it is, with a decent person behind it. YET-- why does this fill one with fear than dread? 

Oh right! The other two attempts:


How dare they deem those a worthy adaptation of DOOM. Pathetic. A peasant's try! Two tries and still not a single one ever close to the glory of DOOM?! How is it Roger Corman did better with a single try and with a lesser budget:

Over twenty years ago and THAT is still the best we ever got. How droll. 

Tell me again why can't Fox just let this franchise rights revert back? Let it die so that the Marvel Cinematic Universe can claim the greatest villain hero back to its fold. Why can't there be some medium of peace between the two studios to just let this happen? Why must the fans suffer because of the delusionary greed of executives?! WHY MUST YOU GIVE US NIGHTMARES INSTEAD OF DREAMS OF HOPE!? 

Perhaps, in the end, Doom was quite right  all those years ago:



As a friend said earlier today, "Fox needs to take a cue from Frozen and LET IT GO." The words seem exactly right. For now, we shall cower with fear with the knowledge that as of this day: Fox still intends to make more horrible Fantastic Four movies.

DOOM help us all.

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