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Man Under Fire By Globalist SJW Comics Conspiracy

Written by Tim Midura on Thursday, August 03 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Man Under Fire By Globalist SJW Comics Conspiracy

The story hits all the high notes of the best Dan Brown novels: international conspiracy, comics, and Rich Johnston.

Source: Twitter

This week, The Outhouse was contacted by a Twitter user who blew the doors off a global conspiracy. Steampunk author and eye patch enthusiast Jon Del Arroz couldn't take it any more, so he reached out to the only source he thought he could trust: me. Here's the story of one right-wing snowflake who believes that a British muckraker used his comics journalism empire to subjugate the common man. Strap in for a trip to crazy town.

A little on my background: I wrote a webcomic Flying Sparks, which I did with artist Jethro Morales (Hack Slash, Green Hornet, John Carter of Mars) for a few years. It got traffic around 3,000 readers a month with just my little promotion on the internet. CBR wrote a nice article of it calling it "the kind of stuff that made me fall in love with early Marvel comics" and I got to speak at SDCC twice because of it. Concept was a hero and villain dating under their secret identities, unbeknownst to each other. Unfortunately, webcomics don't monetize. So I've switched my focus to prose Sci-fi/fantasy novels while I build up a fan base big enough that hopefully I can kickstart a comic again in the future.

Nothing wrong here. Seems like a normal person. 3,000 readers a month is commendable.

I regularly blog comic reviews, used to work for http://comicrelated.com on the press side for comics too in the meantime here.

Comic Related is a whole other article.

And that's been going very well. I have a nice small, dedicated fanbase but on an indie scale.


In March, I wrote a couple articles on Marvel Comic's problems with how they've gone full SJW politics in their comics, and have subsequently turned off their readers who want an escape. I hit on other problems as well but here's the articles for you to read if you so choose:

Here's the first mention of SJWs. Don't think it'll be the last. Somehow Marvel trying to appeal to a different audience than straight white males is a problem.

http://delarroz.com/?p=655 -- first one.

Exhibit A.

http://delarroz.com/?p=663 -- second one.

Exhibit B.

The second one, I started to get high traffic on. It's gotten 12,000+ views to date.

I wish I had those numbers.

I'd read bleeding cool for awhile, so I sent the article to Rich Johnston to be like hey, what's going on with marvel?

Because Rich Johnston is a well-known anti-SJW. Of course.

Kinda like as you say, I was hoping that someone would notice my journalism because of my traffic and content.

"Notice me, senpai!"

Rich took my joke at the end of the article where I was mocking Marvel and ignored the rest of the article about their hiring practices which seem to discriminate against Christians, conservative, Trump supporters.

Christians always shouting persecution. Snowflake. PS, one of Trump's biggest advocates is the heavily right-wing Ike Perlmutter, who may or may not be Marvel's current CEO.

And he took my sarcastic call for them to hire me, and wrote an article about that: How Not To Apply For A Job At Marvel Comics

It's a great article. I would've done the same thing.

I'm a nobody on the internet at this point. I have a small fanbase of readers of which I'm grateful for. But he willfully ignored the problems with Marvel Comics -- which should be his job as a journalist, and used his platform to attack and mock independent creator. The sarcasm I posted in my article was taken as the point of my article, which is why I call it fake news.

Here's where we really can get into it. The "problems" he sees with Marvel Comics aren't really a problem. Also, Johnston isn't a journalist. He's a shit-stirrer and he's damn good at it. In addition, there's only one type of person using the term fake news today. And it's not fans of The Onion.

Bleeding Cool, in framing what I said that way, got people all over my blog harassing me. You can see the comments. They're nasty. Many of those people still follow my blog to this day and keep leaving hateful, swearing, etc. comments against me because Bleeding Cool did this.

It's not framing in any way when he's taking direct quotes.

They in essence, torched and doxxed a nobody independent creator to hide Marvel Comics' problems.

Once again, these aren't "problems". Appealing to more people is a good move. Johnston of all people would have no issue hiding any company's problems. (Maybe?)

The good news is, a very highly respected news outlet, The Federalist, hired me to write about culture: http://thefederalist.com/2017/04/12/forcing-political-correctness-employees-characters-killing-marvel-comics/ ... They pay pro journalist rates and so, Rich, even though I get the hate and shade from his viewers, had the effect of giving me a real platform.

Through the pain and suffering you faced, you got a job. So what's the big deal?

Fast forward a couple months later: I saw the recent bit with #MakeMineMilkshake which bleeding cool jumped all over, as did every other comic journalist outlet.

So did we! Check it out here!

The gal at marvel got one sexual comment, which I totally think was an awful comment and disavow and think no one should talk to people like that, I'll say on the record.

It's good he's going on record to say people shouldn't be mean. It's a bold stance.

And a bunch of further comments about Marvel's content and SJW politics -- which has been stewing for months and I think is fair game given her high profile status as an deitor.

Of course, an editor's picture of her friends drinking milkshakes is fair game for assholes to complain about their "problems" with the company she works for. (The best part here is he misspelled editor.)

The media jumped on this as "harassment," bleeding cool included, and stood with her in solidarity.

ha·rass·ment-noun-aggressive pressure or intimidation. Textbook harassment here. No quotes necessary.

Yet... bleeding cool and the media in many ways directed people to harass me for criticizing Marvel's content. I found this to be a double standard and awful. The reasoning is SJW politics overrides their sanity. And so I'm spending yesterday and today calling that out.

Bleeding Cool in no way called for anyone to harass you for criticizing Marvel's content. He did what any reporter would do and ran your quotes. Like I did in this article. (The line "The reasoning is SJW politics overrides their sanity." is hilarious by the way.)

Obviously not calling for more people to harass the marvel editor, but people should see how bleeding cool did what they did and on top of that, how they took something that is far less than what their readers did to me and made a thing out of it.

I'm certainly not hoping anyone makes a thing out of this. I'll go on record stating that.

It's hypocrisy and it's dishonest. And that's my story.

All Jon Del Arroz wanted was to expose the vile SJW menace slowly destroying society as we know it. But when a left-wing British tabloid journalist who everyone agrees is far too progressive jumped to the defense of Marvel Comics' "SJW indoctrination platform", he found himself under attack by comments from others unwilling to recognize the global conspiracy to stop Trump supporters and Christians from succeeding in comics. 

Maybe Del Arroz can get some work with Ethan Van Sciver. He did name his 2007 sketchbook after Hitler's autobiography after all...

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