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The Inhumans Panel At TCA Ended Early After All Questions Were Negative

Written by Tim Midura on Monday, August 07 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

The Inhumans Panel At TCA Ended Early After All Questions Were Negative

On the plus side, it has a teleporting dog. How cute!

Source: Neogaf

The Television Critics Association press panels are currently happening through this week, with Disney and ABC's taking place August 6. To say that their Inhumans panel went bad is an understatement. Executive Producer Jeph Loeb was on the defensive the entire time and the panel ended early. The main complaints centered around the unclear nature of Karnak's powers and the show not looking ready for IMAX.

Loeb opened the panel saying the imagery in the show is "simply extraordinary and should be seen on that screen." When it was pointed out that the show didn't look ready for IMAX, Loeb responded, "I can tell you that the show you have seen is not the finished product, so if you're asking me whether it's done, it's not."

Executive Producer Scott Buck weighed in on Karnak's powers, which sound a lot like my parents' powers. "Karnak has the ability to see the flaw in anything and everything, whether it be a person, a building, anything, and everything. Unfortunately, what this does to Karnak as a person is everything is flawed, so nothing is good enough for Karnak."

Loeb jumped back in to remind the audience and critics that this is an unfinished product. "What you've seen so far is something that's unfinished. Once you've seen the whole finished product you actually do [understand]."

Below is a collection of the best critic tweets from the TCA panel.

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