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MyComicShop.Com Latest Shop To Not Order Marvel Lenticular Covers

Written by Tim Midura on Thursday, August 24 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

MyComicShop.Com Latest Shop To Not Order Marvel Lenticular Covers

I can write these articles all day.

Source: Comics Beat

More and more comic book shops are done jumping through hoops for Marvel's lenticular covers. After Canada's All New Comics and Ireland's Big Bang Comics opted out, America's is the latest to take a stand, creating an International consortium against lenticular covers. In their most recent newsletter, Lone Star Comics, whose online arm is, owner Buddy Saunders said they would only be ordering variants for the main Legacy books. In classic comics fashion, Saunders ended the newsletter on a cliffhanger.

Except for Marvel Legacy #1, we will not be offering the Marvel Legacy lenticular covers

This decision comes too late for me to address it in detail this week. I will do so next week, as you, our customers, need to know why we made the decision not to stock the 29 Marvel Legacy title lenticular covers. The only lenticular cover we will offer is that for Marvel Legacy #1. Many retailers have made the same choice we have. Next week I'll tell you why.

Also, Comics Beat was told that many retailers have been talking to Marvel complaining about this policy, but Marvel hasn't let up. Big Bang Comics claimed to know of 70 retailers not buying variants, but 70 out of 2,000 accounts isn't all that much.

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