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Jetpack Comics And Jesse James Comics Join The Marvel Lenticular Boycott

Written by Tim Midura on Friday, August 25 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Jetpack Comics And Jesse James Comics Join The Marvel Lenticular Boycott

Meanwhile, some shops are still all in on these.

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New Hampshire's Jetpack Comics and Arizona's Jesse James Comics are two more well-known comic shops to join the growing boycott of Marvel's lenticular variant covers. Other known shops include All New ComicsBig Bang Comics, and The issue with these lenticular covers is that stores have to order higher than their normal order amounts to receive these covers, which could cause shops to have unsold issues.

Jetpack Comics let their customers know in an open letter.

Dear Loyal Jetpackers,

We appreciate your loyal patronage of Jetpack Comics Llc and all the brands we carry and support. We make every effort to carry the widest, deepest breadth of product we are able to support. Heck, we waste money to stock product we think you might want. Our 5000 square foot store and 8000 square feet of warehouse reflect how well we can waste money. With this in mind we regret to inform you that we will not have the bulk of the Marvel lenticular covers, for their Legacy relaunch, available for you to purchase on release day. To date it appears that we will have the first one, but after that we will not have any of them.

While another publisher made it easy to purchase their spectacular lenticular covers (we simply ordered them, and in some cases were allocated, but in every case we were able to fill EVERY order from everyone that frequented Jetpack and even supplied them to people that visited us just to get those gems), Marvel has taken a different approach. In order to get the Marvel lenticular line, Marvel is requiring us to purchase at least 2x the product we need, to provide you the cover you want. So, if everyone of you wants to buy the Amazing Spider-man #789 Lenticular cover, we have to purchase 50 of the non-lenticular cover, to purchase ANY of the lenticular cover. We know we only need 40 copies of Amazing Spider-Man. In the end we are being forced to purchase about 125% more product than we can sell, to be able to sell you the AWESOME cover that you want. This amounts to us being put in a position to take huge loss on every Marvel title that month, in order to get the lenticular covers for you.

In case you're questioning our math, we have to purchase 1.25x of the regular cover to order the lenticular cover. We know you all want the lenticular cover so that is 1x. So, we get to own all the regular covers because who wants the regular covers? It is awesome that Marvel has so much faith in their relaunch that they think we need at least 2x the amount we were going to order, but the problem is that if we do need 2x the amount, we need that of the most spectacular cover they are offering, ie the lenticulars. Sure, there will be a few hold outs but people are like cats and the most shiny object is the one they want. So, if we get 2x the customers, we really have to order over 3x what we need (1 to 1.25x the regular cover to be able to purchase at least 2x the lenticular). In theory, the 3+x works but at a barely passable profit margin. I just do not have faith that this going to bring in 2x the customers.

It's an awful position that we have been put in. Providing great customer service means having the product the customer wants but it also means that we have to be open, and buying 125% more product than we can sell is not a great financial position to guarantee our future. Furthermore, anyone with a newly opened store (not sure of the time frame for this but I believe it is a year) does not have to spend their money this way. New stores just get to order the product as they do not have a sales history to measure against.

It's a very backwards situation to think that the guys with longevity (going over 12 years now) are put in a worse position with the guys that have no sales history. Successful businesses are being put in a position to have to waste money where the guys without a track record are not? In what other industry is the guy that's been around the block put in a worse position than the new guy? Yes, we have plenty of friends in the business that would help us out, and sell us the lenticulars, but we would not have them on day of release, and that's what everyone wants. It's a very strange business model to put one's primary customer base in a position to have purchase 2 to 2.25 times the product it knows it can sell to provide the 1 times qty it needs for its customers.

Sadly, the general public may not ever understand all this nonsense and Jetpack Comics will just be the dopes that didn't have coolest hottest new product on their shelves. Sucks to be us. I do expect that plenty of keyboard warriors will chime in and tell us exactly how much we suck and have every other pretentious comment to make about how ridiculous we are, but unless everyone of you are willing to purchase the regular cover, and the lenticular cover, and then buy 1 extra comic that you don't need, for every four you purchase, then you are making the point for us.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Esther from Image Comics today, and I told her that when Image sends us free comics they are wasting their money. Jetpack orders at least 20% more than it needs of every comic we stock. It allows for growth and prevents disappointment. It fosters loyalty in the comic community. We will go to all lengths to keep a product in stock. Image never needs fear that Jetpack Comics isn't representing their line in total, across the board.

I guess I'm saying that Jetpack is the store where you can find almost every new comic, every week, but this isn't going to be the case now.

Sadly and Sincerely,

Ralph DiBernardo – Owner, Jetpack Comics LLC


Jesse James Comics did something similar.

Over the course of the last 72 hours I have looked at the Marvel Legacy lenticular titles and how we could create a budget that would make sense for the store to carry all these covers or even some of them. Marvel Comics has been a Fantastic partner of ours since day one. We really wanted to support them in this upcoming event. However, we will not be able to offer these covers to our customers. I have tried to crunch numbers and have spoken to a lot of other stores and find that I'm not alone. We would have to order more regular covers then we could ever sale just to qualify for a lenticular.

We want to apologize to our customers both in store and online. As many of you know, the team isn't accustomed to saying "No" or "We can't". That said, we will do whatever it takes to help you find your books from a LCS that did order them. If we can't find a Brick and Mortar store we will then help you order from an online store if needed. We would ask though you try a local comic book store first before going to any online store. LCS's that did order these have a big overhead and could use your purchase to offset the very large commitment and cost to carry these books.

We want to Thank everybody for being part of our family and allowing us to help you complete your comic book collection one comic at a time. Please feel free to call or email me if you have any other questions.

High Regards, Jesse James Criscione, Jesse James Comics


Some shops are still all about these covers, if you need to get your hands on them. Those shops include Wonderworld Comics, Quick Stop Comics, and Comic Madness.


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