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Marvel Finally Spoils Plot Point to Secret Empire #10!

Written by Zechs on Monday, August 28 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Marvel Finally Spoils Plot Point to Secret Empire #10!

If only the people of Marvel were as good at spoiling their own events then you know writing or defending them.

I hope none of you were looking forward to the going into the end of Secret Empire without Marvel spoiling the climax. Then again, at this point, any fan remaining probably has wondered why they haven't done it yet? After all, there is a precedence in Marvel spoiling things to their big events. (seriously that's the only one we ever covered? You'd think we be more on top of that sort of thing. Eh, we probably were. I was probably too busy drinking. And what's wrong with drinking?! IT PAID OFF, IN THE END, DIDN'T IT?!) Here we are to the latest spoiler to what goes on in Secret Empire #10. Today basically laid out what the entire series has been building toward via the New York Times:


















Wait, a second! I could have sworn that Cosmic Cube shenanigans were not going to be used in the climax to this event. I mean that is what writer Nick Spencer said right? Let's look at his tweet (saved by me just in case he DELETES it):




Huh.... So when he says a 100% sure he isn't going to do it. He means he's a 100% sure he was gonna do it.  That or he'll probably blame DC Comics. DC Comics is ALWAYS to blame. Like how I blame sdscihero for everything. But the difference is sdsichero IS to blame for everything. And Jude... And Blue... Yes, they're all fools! Fools! FOOLS!

Wait, that means both Spencer and I are kindred spirits. Two mad evil-megalomaniacal beings who wish to rule the world! Nah... There is only room for one of those and that is ME! 



Secret Empire #10 come's out this Wednesday. Management here is going to make me read it won't they? (Editor's Note: Yes we are.) 




Well, I guess the only way to end it all is with this:

Pip! Pip!

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