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'Inhumans' is a Inhuman Disappointment at the Box Office!

Written by Zechs on Sunday, September 03 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

'Inhumans' is a Inhuman Disappointment at the Box Office!

You might want to put an "X" on this goose, only taking in $500,000 Friday, and is on course for a $1.2 million pull this Labor Day weekend.

This Labor Day weekend, there isn't much to see apparently and audiences are kind of agreeing with this assessment. Literally, the newest releases are a re-release of Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977),  the very much delayed Tulip Fever (which was supposed to be released back in 2014), and the Inhumans.

Two of them (Close Encounters and Inhumans) are pulling in the exact same numbers just near or around $500,000 on just Friday (per Box Office Mojo and Forbes. Yes, I had to use Forbes because the former doesn't even register Inhumans' box office tally yet).  The other (Tulips) is bombing horribly with just over $300,000. To put this all in perspective, Spider-Man: Homecoming, a movie that has been out for fifth-seven days earned $800,000 on Friday. Wonder Woman? A movie that has been out for ninety-two days earned almost the same amount as Close Encounters and Inhumans at just $430,000 almost the same exact amount. 

Forbes suggests that this means that Inhumans will probably net only $1.56 million this box office weekend. There is 0 chance Inhumans will topple the current movie darling the Hitman's Bodyguard (the movie that stars "Nick Fury" and "Deadpool" who team up to take down a VERY pissed off "Commissioner Gordon" and "Elektra" realizes after the large body count, she's made a mistake). The movie will probably not even defeat Spider-Man: Homecoming this weekend either at the box office. So yes, that loud uncontrollable laughter you're probably hearing a lot today? That's coming from Marvel Film head Kevin Feige.  There is not a word coming where Marvel Comics CEO and X-Men Hater #1 Inhuman pusher Ike Perlmutter, but it has been theorized the words would probably be this:

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