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Steve Ellis Escapes David Gallaher’s Basement, Launches MONSTERWOOD sequel with Jason Rosen

Written by Tess Harlowe on Wednesday, September 20 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Steve Ellis Escapes David Gallaher’s Basement, Launches MONSTERWOOD sequel with Jason Rosen

It is rumored that Rosen personally freed Ellis.

Source: KickStarter

Artist of Only Living Boy and High Moon, Steve Ellis, has long worked with writer David Gallaher. The two have been an artist/writer duo much in the way Karen Gillen and Jamie McKelvie work together when Gillen isn't busy being seen by Rich Johnston at a local pub. Unlike Gillen and McKelvie, however, Gallaher and Ellis are not a partnership. Instead Ellis is a prisoner chained in Gallaher's basement and forced to draw comics in hope of freedom. Ellis was rumored to have escaped in recent weeks, but there was no evidence until now.

Steve Ellis has teamed with Hollywood creature/character designer Jason Rosen, and the two are launching a sequel to the 2015 Monsterwood entitled Monsterwood Book 2: Awakening. The book is being funded through KickStarter with a goal of $14,500. The money will go towards the production of the book and a new identity for Ellis to protect him from being recaptured by David Gallaher.

Monsterworld is a fantasy graphic novel set in the world of Magog and follows Jovis, a young commoner, and Princess Jocosta, a... well... princess, as they travel into Monsterworld and discover the murderous past of their home, Magog. Rewards include PDF files of the book, physical editions, and even sculpted and painted busts of the characters. The campaign has a little over two weeks left and can be found here. Please consider donating. With this money Steve Ellis may finally escape Gallaher's dungeon.


Monsterwood Book 2: Awakening is the 2nd in the trilogy of graphic Novels.

Jovis and the Princess Jocosta, along with her faithful companion Scrag, have reached Monsterwood. Jocosta heads off to Mani Depu, a holy place, where she will be anointed Queen. Jovis is simply in hiding. But he is captured by a ragtag Monster guerilla force and discovers that his own family is involved in plans for a rebellion. After Jocosta and Scrag are attacked and Scrag is almost killed, the Princess happens upon the guerilla camp, where she is held hostage. In the meantime, Jovis discovers his strengthening healing powers and helps Scrag recover. Jocosta is still determined to reach Mani Depu, and for reasons unknown, the leader of the rebels sends her and Scrag there...with Jovis to accompany them. What will happen when they get there...and what awful price will the Monster forces pay as Tiberius's armies enter Monsterwood for a final showdown?

If you are a fan of classic hero's journey fantasy such as, J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, and Lord of The Rings, or 70's and 80's cinematic fantasy like Bakshi's Wizards and Fire and Ice, Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, then MONSTERWOOD is for YOU!

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