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Marvel Decides to Kick Off Another Avengers Crossover Eventless Legacy Era!

Written by Zechs on Monday, September 25 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Marvel Decides to Kick Off Another Avengers Crossover Eventless Legacy Era!

The Avengers comics are getting a weekly event in January which will run through all the Avenger comics! Least the tagline for the story is poetic,"The Begnning of the End.".

Starting Wednesday with the event "Legacy", Marvel stated that there wouldn't be any more line-wide events to ever hit their comics for a good long time. Which is why suddenly we're getting mini events crossovers in all the major comics now. First was the announcement of an X-Men one, last week a Venom-centric one with Spider-Man, and now the Avengers get their own crossover to make you bleed your money out the Marvel way (which is basically the old way). 

The event crossover will be called "No Surrender".


Wait, I'm sorry that sounds so deliciously corny. Next thing you'll tell me this is the-- holy hell! The actual tagline for the event crossover is "The Beginning of the End'. It sure is for your wallets with that $3.99 price-point since it's a weekly comic. The only way this can be surely topped is if it like the Venom-one above has an Alpha and Omega issues too. Oh, my God, it doesn't! They're actually learning! 

We have no idea what the event crossover will entail other than this teaser image which has Wasp replaced with some other female character (image courtesy of



Here's what the original statue looked like:


Notice no Wasp on Giant-Man's finger. This is going to make us get an older Janet Van Dyne to keep in synergy with the MCU, isn't it? Also isn't this the second time in the last year that we're getting a SURPRISE Avenger that was lost in time? Dammit, if I had any remaining brain cells I would remember this more. Or maybe my mind doesn't want to remember the tale this Avenger had. Yep. Probably that.

The "part 1" make's it sound like this event crossover will have "THE CROSSING" (oh yes, if I suffer. I'll make you all suffer by name-dropping that horrific event crossover) levels of crossing over as well. Just maybe it WILL have an Alpha/Omega one-shot in the future! 

Also of note, this event crossover will come right after the after the Avengers/Champions event crossover the prior month. That's right. Two events crossovers in under two months. Other than that. Not much else is known about the event crossover. 

Save for the information one can garner from the teaser image. I guess we'll know whenever Marvel spoils the event crossover later this week. Since spoiling their events crossovers is their thing now. Before someone else does it. 

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