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Tim Drake is a Robin Again in Detective Comics #965?!

Written by Zechs on Wednesday, September 27 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Tim Drake is a Robin Again in Detective Comics #965?!

The character's origin muddled to THE EXTREME by the New 52, apparently is restored in tomorrow's issue of Detective Comic apparently by going with this preview.

Source: Exclusive Preview and Interview: James Tynion on “Detective Comics” #965

The New 52 took a heavy toll on the supporting cast of Batman. Many origins of the Robins were jumbled up. Dick Grayson lost his time with the Titans (only to reclaim it in Titans: Lost and in Rebirth). Jason Todd was a pawn of the Joker apparently and had, even more, edge to his origin besides that (that has since been changed with Rebirth). Tim Drake, however, got the worst fate of all: his Robin status revoked and forgotten. 

At the start of the New 52, all seemed fine. That was until a few issues later on when his status got more muddled until we learned Tim Drake wasn't a Robin ever at all, just Red Robin. Then his new origin came in Teen Titans #0 and well.. it took some "liberties" with the character further.


Since the now "infamous" run on Teen Titans, the character that was once the most popular of Robins sadly became the most forgotten one.

Writer James Tynion IV has tried to rehabilitate the character in his run on Detective Comics. First, by putting the character in a more homage costume to his original than a crazy 90s inspired one. The other was taking the character off the board, for the most part (save for flashbacks, a Clayface simulation of him, and a few cues to where he was). 

Tynion, for the most part, has kept the "New 52" origin until it seems in tomorrow's issue of Detective Comics #956 which features the return of the character to the comic (Multiversity Comics not only got the scoop of the preview to the comic which is below) but also interviewed the writer himself. 

The preview shows a panel-by-panel variation on the arc that introduced Tim as a Robin, "A Lonely Place of Dying".  That's not to say artist Eddy Barrows did an "interesting" job in some regard to that homage. But still, the original origin of Tim Drake is back and so too it looks his status of being a Robin again. 

There were a few different ways that I could see [the story] playing out, and earlier this year [DC] brought me and Dan Jurgens in to have another long conversation and lay out this storyline, and at first I think we were sort of kicking around ideas about how to sort of maybe do a connected story that actually would be like, part one in "Action," part two in "Detective," so on and so forth. But we realized very early on that both of these stories would be incredibly personal stories and that the Superman story was going to be very personal with him and Jor-El, the revealed Mr. Oz. "Detective" was going to be a very personal story about Tim.

So, that lens allowed me to actually tell the more personal version of what I was gonna do, because I was building the personal arc of the story I wanted to tell, but I kind of figured that I would need to kind of couch it in the middle of a kind of "event comic." But because, you know, right now at DC we're right in the verge of two incredible events with, like, "Doomsday Clock" around the corner and "Metal" running currently, that we actually get to kind of tell an epic-level story that is very deeply personal and very much about Tim Drake. So I'm incredibly happy with what we've been able to do here, and, really, 'A Lonely Place of Living' is kind of the culmination of everything in my "Detective" run to this point.

Detective Comics #965 will be out tomorrow. Now, if only that Batgirl problem the New 52 did is fixed next...



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