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Waititi Open To Doing Another 'Thor: Ragnarok' Film "For Sure"

Written by sdsichero on Wednesday, November 01 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Waititi Open To Doing Another 'Thor: Ragnarok' Film

The director is in love

Source: Various at Screen Rant

Last week we heard that Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi would like to try his hand at making a Black Widow movie. This week, the director also mentioned that he would like to return to the world of Thor, but not just any Thor, Thor: Ragnarok.

The director feels he has reinvented the characters, so that a sequel would be a second Ragnarok film, not a fourth Thor:

"Yeah, people ask me, 'would you do another one,' and for sure I'd do another one because it wouldn't even feel like doing a fourth Thor film, it would just feel like doing the second Ragnarok film. Cuz it does feel like in a way, yeah there's been this reinvention in an exciting way ... So it's exciting cuz it feels like, if Chris were to do this again it wouldn't feel like 'oh it's the eighth time I've done Thor,' no it will feel like the second or third time I've done this character. Same with Mark [Ruffalo]."


Of course it helps if you love the characters (like director Peyton Reed  loved  Ant-Man), and not only does Waittiti love his recreated characters, but he also loves working with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) in particular:

"I'd be open [to other characters] but I think my preference is Thor because I feel like I'm so comfortable with it and we did such hard work recreating these characters in a way where I'm so comfortable with them and sort of in love with them that, yeah, it just feels like the natural place for me to be. Also I just love working with Chris, you know. Haven't had that much fun working with anyone else. I don't know really, I don't really even know all the other characters."


Thor: Ragnarok opens November 3 in the US, so it's just a few more days before many of us can feel the love. Would you like to see a sequel to Thor: Ragnarok in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase IV by Waititi? How about the Hulk post his 3-part arc?

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