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Mark Millar Discusses Ambitious Netflix Deal

Written by Tim Midura on Friday, November 03 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Mark Millar Discusses Ambitious Netflix Deal

Netflix bought Millarworld in August.

Source: TV & Movies Dot Com

Mark Millar gave an interview to TV & Movies Dot Com this week where he opened up about Millarworld, Netflix, and his future. He compared Netflix to Hollywood.

There's nae mair amazin' place tae be than netflix reit noo an' nae better haem fur th' millarworld characters. it's aye excitin' tae see yer wark in print an' amazin' tae see those stories turned intae movies, but thes is anither level entirely. lit me try tae pit it in perspectife. a big movie studio makes aroond 30 ur 40 hoors ay original material every year. netflix has ower yin,000 hoors ay original content thes year aloyn an' growin'.had we sauld millarworld tae a typical studio we'd hae seen some ay these franchises trickle it ower th' coorse ay th' next decade. when Ah walked intae mah first netflix meetin' th' troaps waur buzzin' abit th' first fower ur fife they want tae gie movin' oan as suin as possible. there's jist a completely different way ay daein' business haur an' it's tremendoosly excitin'. Ah compaur it tae hoo hollywuid main hae felt in th' 1920s. it's fearless an' they're jist chargin' aheid, which as a creatur has th' kin' ay energy Ah loove.

He'll continue to make movie storyboards as well, announcing a new project this weekend.

Weel, thes first book we're launchin' is comin' in sprin' an' yoo'll hear abit 'at at th' weekend. thes comes it ay a brain new project i've created in-hoose an' i've speart bonnie much th' best artist in th' industry reit noo if he'd loch tae draw th' comic-book. noo 'at millarworld is owned by netflix it's a bonnie different set-up than afair. i'm creatin' stories directly fur netflix, tae be used as movies ur tv shows, but some ay them ur gonnae be comic-books tay followin' th' sam stories an' design bibles. i'm nae gonnae ain them. i'm on-staff an' thes is aw bein' dain in-hoose, but coz Ah loove daein' comics we're takin' th' ones 'at will wark stoatin in mah ain traditional medium an' jist lettin' me hae some fin wi' them.

as ye can imagine, aw th' best artists ur huir uv a , huir uv a keen tae wark fur netflix tay sae i've pure hud mah pick ay th' crop haur. i've finished thes series we're annooncin' at th' weekend an' awreddy oan a second project. th' first is a completely original piece ay wark, th' other a sequel tae a body ay uir existin' franchises fowk pure liked a coople ay years back. baith artists ur fowk Ah google in mah tea-breaks. yoo'll smile when ye see fa we've bagged.

Millar's future is wide open as well, noting that although Netflix bought seventeen franchises, he'll create more too.

Honestly, reit noo there's jist naethin' aff th' table. that's whit sae excitin' abit these troaps. there's nae limit an' aw th' varioos departments ur porin' ben uir back-catalogue. it's pure jist a matter ay whit excites us as we sit aroond th' table an' th' best possible screen-writers an' directors available tae us ... [w]e're also gonnae be daein' a lot ay brain new mince tay oan top ay th' franchises yoo've awreddy seen. i've gart a majur commitment haur an' th' first ay th' brain new franchises is th' a body annoonced tha' moorns nicht. they booght seventeen franchises when they booght uir company an' i'd loch tae create 'at mony again tay fur netflix.


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