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Serkis Teases 'Snoke' In 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

Written by sdsichero on Thursday, November 23 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Serkis Teases 'Snoke' In 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

Also Boyega on porgs

Source: Andy Serkis says pain and greed drive Supreme Leader Snoke in The Last Jedi

Entertainment Weekly (EW) continues its coverage of Star Wars: The Last Jedi online. Today's big article focuses on the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke, voiced and motion performed by Andy Serkis. Snoke made a brief appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but only as a blurry hologram. While he was gigantic on screen, it wasn't apparent if that was only because he was being projected as a hologram.

Today Serkis spills a tiny bit more about the character, though not that much. While we will see more of Snoke in The Last Jedi, it won't be exhaustive as director Rian Johnson says, the movie will not be a Wikipedia page.

starwarstljsnokehux.jpgSnoke gives General Armitage Hux (Domhnall Gleeson) a talking to in holographic form


Serkis did give a few hints about the character before The Force Awakens premiered. The actor did mention the character was large and possessed vulnerability. Serkis expands on those ideas again saying that the character is 9 feet tall and adds:

"The thing about Snoke is that he is extremely strong with the Force, the dark side of the Force. He's terribly powerful, of course. But he is also a very vulnerable and wounded character" … "He has suffered and he has suffered injury. The way that his malevolence comes out is in reaction to that. His hatred of the Resistance is fueled by what's happened to him personally."


Snoke is also an impatient fellow who preys on the weak and exploits them, and has little use for failure:

"His training of Kylo Ren is not yielding what he wants" … "Therefore his anger towards Kylo Ren is intensified because he can't bear weakness in others. Part of the manipulation is goading him with Hux and playing them off against each other."


The character's power is not only in the Force Serkis says:

"Despite the fact that the Starkiller Base has been destroyed and the Resistance has been putting up a fight, we will discover that the First Order has limitless resources in this one."


Though we only get a glimpse of Snoke (non-hologram) in the first trailer, those who follow collectibles have had a pretty good look at him, and would get an idea of his riches by the gold robes he wears:

"He's slightly oligarch" … "You know, he's not afraid of showing his fineries. There is a luxury that's native to him."


Serkis continues:

"The way that his court is presented, he's very totalitarian in that way and flamboyant" … "He enjoys that theatricality, I think."


starwarstljsnokethronetroom.jpgSnoke in his throne room


Hmm… Just fantasy or does it have any social commentary there? Serkis also talked about his he portrayed the character on set, a bit different from his hunched over roles of Gollum or Caesar, but also with a self-imposed restriction:

"The only thing I did use was across his jaw" … "His jaw is completely mangled and the left side of his face is mauled. So I had a way of taping down the lefthand side of my mouth to restrict the lip movement on that side."


At least he doesn't have bad hair…

EW also had a short article on the phenomenon known as porgs. The fluff(y) piece didn't tell us anything new about the puffin-hamster like creatures, but did give us the reaction from actor John Boyega (Finn) had to the little guys:

"I just remember doing some stuff and seeing a lot of porgs around" … "And they are interesting, but for me, I had a love/hate relationship with them. They're very, very cute, but when you put them in a bunch, in holes, on the Millennium Falcon, that's when they start to become really, really freaky."


Boyega continued:

"They've got real big eyes, all bunched together" … "There were, like, little tiny ones and little big ones that would just...yeah, it looks like a rash."


starwarstlj-porg_f5e77ddb.jpegBoyega's comments make porg sad


Star Wars: The Last Jedi flies to theaters December 15.


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