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Space Goat Founder Shon Bury Accused Of Abuse And Sexism

Written by Tim Midura on Wednesday, November 29 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Space Goat Founder Shon Bury Accused Of Abuse And Sexism

Former employee Amelia Thompson alleges Bury used “aggressive jokes” and said “violent and disgusting” things.

Source: Twitter

Former Space Goat Productions employee Amelia Thompson has alleged that company founder Shon Bury treated employees "terribly," including what she describes as "aggressive jokes" and saying "violent and disgusting" things. Thompson started at Space Goat in 2016 as Community Manager.

She took to Twitter, asking for others to share her story.


Other Space Goat employees are also speaking out against Bury, including both halves of Moonlighters, artist Cal Moray and writer Katie Schenkel.



Monster Elementary, another book from Space Goat, tweeted solidarity with Thompson.


Space Goat's official Twitter account was apologetic.

While a now deleted tweet told otherwise.


Bleeding Cool reached out to Thompson for a statement.

There are two things I want people to know.

The first, I have the full support of both of my past Space Goat supervisors. They helped me edit every tweet for grammar and clarity. My ex-coworkers have been immensely supportive through all of this, two even resigning after I collected my things on Monday, Nov. 27. They expressed that the way I was treated after my resignation was unacceptable.

The second, I'm taking some time to recover and handle this media explosion while out of a job. If supporters wanted to aid me beyond just retweets, my paypal is on my twitter. I'm worried about making bills the next couple months but I just couldn't let my friends or myself be hurt any longer.

They also reached out to Bury for a statement.

I can't apologize enough for this entire situation. I deeply regret that I fostered an environment where a smart person like Amelia felt uncomfortable working under my direct management–and that she felt even less comfortable bringing up her concerns until she resigned. It has been my design since I opened the doors at Space Goat 12 years ago to create a workplace where smart, talented, young people can come to work and learn the craft of comic books. Amelia is exactly the type of capable young employee publishers should be looking to bring into their organization and to build up. I had thought I had created that environment for my staff, but the daily stress of running a graphic-novel and board-game publishing company at the tempo we have been running became visible to all around me over the last several months. This isn't on anyone else in my organization but me. This is squarely, 100% on me.

My inability to regulate my frustration during this period poisoned the very environment I had set out to create. I behaved poorly and I failed miserably at one of the core tenets of why I even want to be in business. I will always deeply regret losing Amelia, and am ashamed of how poorly I handled her resignation. I am taking immediate action to resolve this flaw within myself starting today with counseling and anger-management classes. Nothing is more important to me than the culture and community we are trying to create. I won't let anyone stand in the way of achieving those goals. Not even myself.

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