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Warning: There Will Be A 'World War Hulk II'

Written by sdsichero on Saturday, December 02 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Warning: There Will Be A 'World War Hulk II'

Because of course there would be

Source: Marvel Announces World War Hulk II

With the arrival of Marvel Legacy, many titles were rebooted rebirthed renumbered. The Hulk title went from "Totally Awesome" back to "Incredible" and was renumbered to issue 709. In the post-Legacy era Hulk, still Amadeus Cho, found himself in his predecessor's footsteps on planet Sakaar, in a storyline titled "Return to Planet Hulk". So (SPOILER) what happens after Cho returns from Planet Hulk? Why World War Hulk II of course.

Here's what Marvel executive editor Tom Breevort had to say about this upcoming story:

"To survive on the savage world of Sakaar, Amadeus Cho was forced to unleash his darkest impulses" … "Returning to Earth, now the Hulk is at the wheel—and it’s a more unpredictable, more unconquerable Hulk than any we’ve seen before!"


World War Hulk II starts in Incredible Hulk #714 landing in March 2018, written by Greg Pak with art by Carlo Barberi.

incrediblehulk714worldwarhulkii.jpgThe Incredible Hulk #714 cover by Mike Deodato, Jr.


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