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Spider-Girl Swings Back With New Trade Collection in 2018!

Written by Zechs on Wednesday, December 06 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

Spider-Girl Swings Back With New Trade Collection in 2018!

Marvel is FINALLY reprinting the longest tenured female superhero they had in trade form again. Which is kind of surprising given how much they've buried Mayday Parker currently.

Spider-Girl fans rejoice! 

The longest running (oh it's true. No matter how much they will say it's not) female hero series Marvel ever had is coming back to print in trade form in 2018! Hachelle Book Group and Amazon have a new listing for Spider-Girl Complete Collection Vol. 1 coming August 7, 2018! The trade will collect May Parker's first appearance in What If #105 and her first series Spider-Girl #1-15, Annual '99, and Spider-Girl #1/2 for $39.99. 

The move is kind of surprising given the lack of Marvel doing nothing at all currently in comics (save for her controversial part in a Spider-Man event "Spider-Verse" a few years ago and then doing nothing with the character in the Web Warriors team comic that basically became an additional Spider-Gwen comic with the actual team members barely doing anything in it) for the longest tenured female hero that carried an ongoing with the company. 

The probability of why is more than likely that her origin stems from the fact she's Spider-Man's daughter is basically born from a loose end of "the Clone Saga", and Marvel-Big Wig Joe Quesada really really really hates Spider-Man's marriage to Mary Jane Watson (so much so he unintentionally made Spider-Man make a deal with the devil to wipe it away).

Ironically, the series was slated for cancellation numerous times, but the comic's loyal fanbase always bailed the comic out, along with the comic selling well in digest form. Until Marvel tried their own variations on the concept in Anya Corazon Spider-Girl, the more successful currently Spider-Gwen, and Annie Parker in Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows.

But I guess someone at Marvel did remember it will be the character's Twentieth Anniversary. That's something at least. More than nothing at all. 


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