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Did Amazon UK Just Spoil Dan Slott's "Final" Amazing Spider-Man Story?

Written by Zechs on Friday, January 19 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Did Amazon UK Just Spoil Dan Slott's

The solicitation for the story kind of possibly reveals who the Red Goblin is and how Norman reattains the Goblin persona/madness.

Dan Slott is leaving  Amazing Spider-Man, but before one more mega story that he's supposedly been building toward Amazing Spider-Man #800. The crux of the arc will be Norman Osborn's return to goblindom and access to his madness once again. At the crux of it all is the Red Goblin. 


The how is still a bit in the air (Slott even trolled people on Twitter before revealing he was misleading folks. Bleeding Cool was all about that. Pip Pip!). Well, either Amazon UK is in on the trolling or they've just revealed the entire plot to it the story with their solicitation for the trade (due out August 28th). Now one should note the Amazon for us non-UK folk has an all-together different solicitation.

So... something is truly amiss here. 

But enough of my ramblings. You want the possible spoiler don't you? Well, one last warning before I reveal it. That's why you're here. You WANT the darn spoiler. So here it is just a few clicks below.









So here's the listing. Screencapped also in case someone at Amazon UK suddenly realizes how much they've goofed. 

Go down Swinging! Norman Osborn has finally found a way to become a Goblin again and is gunning for Spider-Man in the biggest way possible. His new weapon? The Carnage Symbiote! There's never been a bigger tougher Goblin/Spider-Man story than this! Collecting: Amazing Spider-Man 797-801




To be fair, Slott only ever used the Carnage symbiote ONCE in his entire run (early on in "Big Time" arc as a point that villain's never stay dead in Spider-Man's life). 

But another symbiote nabbing story just after "Venom Inc" (and I will so get to that this Sunday with a review)? Would Slott dab back to the well of such a plot so fast? I guess we'll know when either this listing is corrected or maybe Marvel will spoil it themselves? They seem to do that sort of thing nowadays. 

So what's your thoughts dear readers? Real or fake? If actually real does it make you cringe or excited that Norman bonded with the Carnage-symbiote make you want to read about it?






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