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Superman's Briefs Return in Action Comics #1000!

Written by sdsichero on Friday, January 19 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Superman's Briefs Return in Action Comics #1000!

Our long national nightmare is almost over

Source: SUPERMAN Is Bringing Back the Classic Red Trunks

Back in 2011, after DC Comics experienced Flashpoint, came the New 52 relaunch. With this relaunch came changes to the characters, some drastic, some minor. One change that rattled some, maybe even more than his death, was the loss of Superman's red briefs.

Yeah Superman's New 52 didn't look so great, but it seems it seems the underwear was the main focus. Well, it looks like that will change, and probably "for real" this time. Supes will be getting a new costume in Action Comics #1000, and it with it comes his external underwear! Take a look at Jim Lee's cover for Action Comics #1000, featuring this revolutionary new costume:



Action Comics #1000 will come in two flavors, the "floppy" edition in March for $5.99, and a hardcover edition for $30 in April. It will also feature Brian Bendis' debut at DC.

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