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Written by Tim Midura on Tuesday, January 30 2018 and posted in News with Benefits


Xenoglyphs is a comic book adventure series about five heroes searching out nine elemental stones with the power to change the world.

Source: Kickstarter

Omar Spahi, founder of OSSM Comics and former Million Dollar Listing: New York participant, has launched a new Kickstarter for Xenographs. Written by Spahi with art by PJ Catacutan, Xenographs follows five heroes searching out nine elemental stones with the power to change the world.

Keeping it simple, the Kickstarter has 22 different reward levels ranging from $5 for a pdf of the new issue and old first issue to $2,500 for Spahi to fly out to your store to do a signing. 




The story according to the Kickstarter is:

Xenoglyphs follows Steven James and his best friend Dom Jenkins as they try to stop Anubis, the master of evil, from collecting all nine Xenoglyphs.

Xenoglyphs are stones that each control a different elemental power, and if a person holds a stone they control that element. For example, if someone holds the Water Stone they have the power to control all the water around them.

There are nine individual groups dedicated to keeping the stones separate, for if one individual held all the stones they would have the power to master all the elements and achieve divinity.

The stones have been the world's greatest secret and have managed to stay separated all this time. But, the evil Anubis has resurfaced with one goal: to collect all nine stones and remake the world in his image.

Highlights of the comic from the Kickstarter include:

  • Standard graphic novel size
  • Will fit perfectly in your bookcase
  • Comics are arranged two-per-page, side by side
  • Printed from high-resolution Photoshop files

As of this writing, the project has raised $1,612 of its $10,000 goal. To support this project, click here.

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