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Next Captain America Arc To Be Opposite Of Secret Empire

Written by Tim Midura on Tuesday, February 06 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Next Captain America Arc To Be Opposite Of Secret Empire

More of a Known Empire, I guess.

Source: A

In a new interview with Marvel PR firm A, Mark "Twitter Quitter" Waid and Chris Samnee discussed their upcoming arc of Captain America, which features the revolutionary idea of freezing Cap and sending him forward in time. In the future, Cap will be joined by a new group of Howling Commandos and will fight the terrorist organization Rampart, named for Woody Harrelson's terrorizing movie AMA.

Also in this future, Cap will become king of the world, and while it sounds similar to Cap's position in Secret Empire, it's anything but according to Twitter Quitter.

Waid: For those who followed Secret Empire, trust us - this is a 100% opposite take on Cap as the "king" of a future era. And he is a very reluctant ruler who cannot wait to pass the reigns of power on to - well, again, we're giving too much away!

It seems like we're not the only ones looking to forget the events of Secret Empire.

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