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Hoping Enough Time Has Passed Since The Kickstarter Fiasco, Dark Horse To Republish Sullivan's Sluggers

Written by Tim Midura on Tuesday, March 13 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Hoping Enough Time Has Passed Since The Kickstarter Fiasco, Dark Horse To Republish Sullivan's Sluggers

But doesn't Mark Andrew Smith still have all those leftover copies from the first Kickstarter?

Source: Press Release

Way back in 2012, Mark Andrew Smith ran a Kickstarter to release a 200-page baseball horror comic with James Stokoe titled Sullivan's Sluggers. The campaign blew past its goal of $6,000 ending at nearly $98,000, which shifted the book into a "200-page Deluxe Omnibus-Sized Hardcover."

The first controversy regarding Sullivan's Sluggers came when Smith started to offer the Kickstarter-exclusive book on Amazon. Smith claimed that the campaign's success changed the book into this whole other thing so he wasn't limited by his original rules.

@John the book also now is upgraded to an Omnibus Size, with Slipcase, Hardcover, Bound in Ribbon Book Mark, Gatefold Cover, Print inside the front cover, and Baseball Card sheet inside the back cover. It's really not the same book as it was originally on the Kickstarter and US backers are getting this at essentially $25 plus $5 for shipping and handling.

The second controversy came when Smith launched a second Kickstarter to cover shipping costs because he "goofed and hugely underestimating international shipping costs for international backers." This led to Stokoe taking to his blog to distance himself from the Kickstarter revealing that he was a work-for-hire artist on the project and that he asked Smith to remove his name from the book.

Smith later fired back claiming that Stokoe "ruined his life" and Stokoe's delays on drawing Sullivan's Sluggers was a proponent in his divorce and a setback in Smith's goals of becoming something other than an English teacher.

Books eventually got out to readers, although with some caveats. Printed books were delayed from September to January and digital backers received their PDFs on time, but then realized Comixology sold individual issues of Sullivan's Sluggers four months before digital backers received their copies. While international backers were waiting to receive their copies, Sullivan's Sluggers started to appear in retail and online stores.

But anyway, a reprint of Sullivan's Sluggers with bonus content like concept art and pinups is set to release August 22. Just in case you still haven't gotten your copy.

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