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IDW Ending Current Transformers Universe With Transformers: Unicron

Written by Tim Midura on Monday, March 26 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

IDW Ending Current Transformers Universe With Transformers: Unicron

Transformers: Unicron starts in July as a biweekly event.

Source: Uncle Rich's Rumor Rag

IDW Publishing is set to launch an event in July that'll change the Transformers universe. Transformers: Unicron, a six-issue biweekly series by John Barber, Alex Milne, and Sebastian Cheng, will bring the IDW Transformerverse to an end. For now.

"TRANSFORMERS: UNICRON is a culmination of the years of TRANSFORMERS comics I've been a part of... and the conclusion of one of the longest continued narrative in TRANSFORMERS history" said Barber. "This is a story of heroism in the face of impossible odds; of a reckoning for an entire universe. I couldn't be luckier than to have Alex right here with me on this—if you know Alex, you know nobody puts more into the TRANSFORMERS than he does, and nowhere before has he drawn drama, action, and pathos at this scale. Tying it all together is the incredible palette of Sebastian Cheng. We've never held back before on our TRANSFORMERS comics, but this time we're pushing ourselves—and each other—harder than ever."

Transformers Unicron kicks off with a zero issue on Free Comic Book Day.

(W) John Barber (A) Alex Milne (CA) Sara Pitre-Durocher
Not a whimper, nor a bang-the end comes with a squall of entropy shrieking from the ravenous maw of death itself. The message is clear: Unicron has arrived. The Transformers lock into a desperate bid to save Rom's homeworld from the world-killer – but why has Unicron chosen this world on his path to Cybertron... and Earth? The biggest story in the history of Transformers starts now: for Unicron's arrival can mean nothing less than the end of a universe.
Teen Audiences.

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