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Barber Confirms There Will Still Be IDW 'Transformers' Comics Post Unicron

Written by sdsichero on Tuesday, March 27 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Barber Confirms There Will Still Be IDW 'Transformers' Comics Post Unicron

We're sure there will be at least a trade paperback of the Unicron event…

Source: @TheJohnBarber Twitter feed

Over the weekend it was revealed that the upcoming Transformers: Unicron miniseries would bring big changes to IDW's Transformers comics. Big changes as in ending IDW's Transformersverse!

However, as we reported the event:

… will bring the IDW Transformerverse to an end. For now.


The key words there were "for now". However, the ambiguity of the Transformers: Unicron announcement by IDW was concerning enough to fans to make them wonder if IDW was done with Transformers completely. Well, according to IDW Transformers writer, more comics will be released, just not "in this comics universe".




Hmm, maybe he means they will publish Transformers comics in another dimension. Nah, we're sure IDW will publish more Transformers, at least a trade collection of Unicron or… Is anyone up for reading about little bits of scrap metal that used to be Transformers before Unicron?

Transformers: Unicron will be a six-issue biweekly starting in July. A zero issue will be available on Free Comic Book Day 2018.

transformersunicronidw.jpgThe Transformer planet killer, Unicron



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