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DuckTales Proves My Quackpot Ponies = Menace Theory True!

Written by Zechs on Friday, April 06 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

DuckTales Proves My Quackpot Ponies = Menace Theory True!

AH HA! Finally, a show has proven what I've long been preaching: that ponies are a menace and bring horrible awful things.


FINALLY, the latest episode of DuckTales has confirmed what I have always known. That ponies are menaces and should never ever be trusted! Yes, a lot of people (including some on this very staff) claim that I am the biggest fan of these lonesome creatures and that accursed franchise.

But the truth is I am not! I WILL NEVER BE!! PONIES MUST BE STAMPED OUT FROM EXISTENCE! For their cuteness is blindly nauseating and are pure evil that will lead folks to their untimely deaths!! 


So yes, in the latest episode of DuckTales called "The Missing Links of Moorshire!" a pair of tricksy ponies (voiced by Tara Strong and Andrea Libman, who are also on THAT OTHER SHOW) try to trick our protagonists to a grisly fate. Here's a clip of that episode:

Yes, Huey is absolutely a hundred perfect correct! One should never trust murder ponies! NEVER! EVER! Now I have to watch this episode witness those accursed creatures getting their just deserts at long last! 






SUCK IT ALL OF YOU IN THE FORUMS!! ESPECIALLY YOU SDICHERO and Judas Terror!! FINALLY, I'VE BEEN PROVEN CORRECT!! BASK IN THE THE TRUTH THAT I'VE ALWAYS SAID! BASK IN IT! For I once again I have proven that I, Zechs is right! Though it might have taken several years to prove this fact. The fact is still FINALLY PROVEN!! 


New episodes of DuckTales are apparently airing on Disney XD. Not that other show that who knows if it even still airs new episodes or even exists anymore with the demise of The Hub. Please tell me that the evil is dead! IS IT?! 

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