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Batgirl Gets Bumblebee's Christina Hodson to Pen Movie!

Written by Zechs on Monday, April 09 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Batgirl Gets Bumblebee's Christina Hodson to Pen Movie!

The movie is back on! With a new writer on the project to boot!

Source: 'Batgirl' Movie Back On, Now With 'Bumblebee' Writer (Exclusive)

After two months of the project being in doubt, with writer/director Joss Whedon bowing out of the project, Batgirl is apparently back on for the big screen treatment (via the Hollywood Reporter). Christina Hodson (writer of the Transformer Bumblebee spinoff that'll hit later this year) is coming on board the project to pen the script for the movie which will feature the "iconic" Barbara Gordon donning the tights.  

And that's about it. Will Hodson be baffled like Whedon was have creative differences no ideas for the character? Time will tell. No actual date on when the Batgirl film is to be released. 

That, and surprisingly the Hollywood Reporter is kind of lax in the article itself detailing a very brief history of the character. Here's the correct version: Barbara Gordon wasn't even in 1997's Batman & Robin. It was Barbara Wilson, who kind of was Barbara Gordon, but not really and that's all we should dedicate to this damn movie.

Then again, the article doesn't even mention the fact that Barbara did appear in last year's Lego Batman movie being voiced by Rosario Dawson.  Dawson just so happened to be in the Hodson-written movie Unforgettable (which also starred Katherine Heigl). You don't suppose? NAH!

Anyway, the character did have a cameo in Ready Player One! (in her Batman: Arkham Knight costume) and the article makes mention of a pair of other Batgirls as well, (save for Bette Kane). Because DC Comics has done that good a job suppressing them from the public eye (for the most part), plus let's not talk about tanking over twenty years of history of the character to make Barbara Gordon Batgirl again, but still use the infamous story that changed the character entirely. 

Yes, I'm salty and will never stop being salty over all that bullshit.

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