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CBS Buys Notable Carrie Fisher Clickbait Site Comicbook.com

Written by Tim Midura on Tuesday, April 10 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

CBS Buys Notable Carrie Fisher Clickbait Site Comicbook.com

They also acquired Comicbook.com's 2,000,000+ strong The Walking Dead Facebook fanpage, planning to rename it Star Trek: Discovery in the hopes no one notices.

Source: Who Is

When not writing about Carrie Fisher, Comicbook.com is usually writing about Carrie Fisher's death. When not writing about either of those topics, they write articles like Dragon Ball Fan Art Shows What Live-Action Movie Characters Could Look Like, despite there having actually been a live-action Dragon Ball movie.

For some reason, this is an attractive quality in a website, enough so that CBS Interactive, a division of the CBS Corporation, has purchased it, according to domain search website Whois.



It seems that every major comic book "news" website is being picked up by other companies. Newsarama is owned by Imaginova. Comic Book Resources is owned by Valnet Inc. Comics Beat is owned by Lion Forge. Bleeding Cool is owned by Avatar Press.

Will someone just buy The Outhouse already?

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