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In Desperate Move, DC To Have Variant Covers Focused On Art

Written by Tim Midura on Friday, April 13 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

In Desperate Move, DC To Have Variant Covers Focused On Art

The covers will have minimal trade dress.

Source: The Beat

Marvel has been beating DC in market share for some time now and DC is finally doing something to put them back at the top by taking a bold, daring move. DC is set to make variant covers art focused.

For far too long covers have had the art take a back seat to words declaring the title, the cost, the creators (minus colorists and letterers, usually), and the UPC. The new variant covers, starting with Nightwing #44 and Batman #45, move all the trade dress to the bottom of the cover, with even the title being simplified and tucked away.

While we're not sure this will help variant cover sales, DC is putting art at the forefront. Well, not on their regular covers. Those still need to be cluttered with trade dress.

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