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Latour Ends 'Spider-Gwen' Tour With Issue Thirty-Four

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Latour Ends 'Spider-Gwen' Tour With Issue Thirty-Four

Rodriguez wraps things up as well

Source: Gwen Stacy's Biggest Challenge In Spider-Gwen #34

Spider-Gwen, the Spider-Woman of Earth-65, was introduced in the pan-dimensional Spider-Man event, Spider-Verse, back in 2014. On Earth-65 Gwen Stacy was drummer in the band The Mary Janes, bitten by a radioactive spider, and watched that Earth's Peter Parker die. The character, created by writer Jason Latour and artist Robbi Rodriguez, fought alongside many a spider on different Earths as well as a bunch of bad guys in her own home dimension, and as of July the story that her creators set out for her will come to an end.

According to Latour:

"A little itch in the back of our minds became a one shot that lasted 41 issues as of issue #34, spanned across nearly every form of media, and inspired countless cosplayers and artists. Gwen Stacy changed our lives forever – and now she gives us one last gift – the chance to wrap her story up the way we always intended."


A description of Spider-Gwen #34 reads:

Gwen Stacy's adventures on the alternate universe of Earth-65 have included battling against Matt Murdock as Kingpin, being bitten by the Venom symbiote, and teaming up with fellow webslinger warriors Silk and Spider-Woman. Now, in SPIDER-GWEN #34, Gwen's going to have to face her biggest battle yet – and she'll have to do it without a mask or a secret identity!


spidergwen34cvr.jpgCover to Spider-Gwen #34



Marvel has not made clear if the Spider-Gwen title is done, or if it is getting a "fresh start". Perhaps Marvel can use such a restart to rebrand the character "Ghost-Spider", which will be seen in the Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors  animation. We'll see… Spider-Gwen #34 swings onto shelves July 18.

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