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Lazarus Switching To Quarterly Release Schedule

Written by Tim Midura on Thursday, April 19 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Lazarus Switching To Quarterly Release Schedule

Each issue will be 64 pages split between 44 story pages and 20 backmatter pages.

Source: Lazarus #27

Lazarus #27 was released this week and in the backmatter announced that the comic would be going through some changes, switching from the standard almost monthly release schedule to a quarterly one. The change moves the comic up to 64 pages, with 44 of story and 20 of backmatter. No price has been given, but it'll presumably be in line with another quarterly Image title Head Lopper which comes in at between 46 and 54 pages per issue at $5.99.


Created by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark, Lazarus debuted in 2013 and with next month's release (the backmatter above says June for #28, but Image's website says May), will have released 35 issues in 5 years or a standard Image Comics release. 

Lazarus' summary is below.

Lazarus is a coming of age story for a young woman named Forever Carlyle who is questioning her identity. Its major themes are the meaning of "family" and nature versus nurture. It is set in a bleak future where the world has been divided into sixteen large land areas, each led by one family. Each family rules their region in a feudal system that divides people into three tiers: "family", "serfs" (skilled labors), and "waste". The families have formed alliances to protect themselves from other families, and each family has a chosen warrior known as a "Lazarus" who represents them in combat. Forever is the Lazarus for the Carlyle family, which controls the western half of North America. She obeys the family patriarch, Malcolm Carlyle, and has four siblings: Steven, Beth, and twins Jonah and Johanna. The original source of the Carlyle's fortune and power is from their various developments in genetic technology. Among other advancements, their modified seeds provide food for most of the world. The Carlyles have also altered their own genetics, which has allowed all of them to grow old without suffering the consequences of age.

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