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Fantagraphics July 2018 Solicitations

Written by Tim Midura on Tuesday, April 24 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Fantagraphics July 2018 Solicitations

Highlights include The Agency, Constant Companion, and You Are There.

Source: Fantagraphics

(W) Jacques Tardi (A/CA) Jacques Tardi
In September 1939, René Tardi went to war. Less than a year later, the French army was defeated and he was a prisoner of war, like 1.6 million other French soldiers. After 4 years and 8 months in a POW camp, René returned home, bitter and ashamed. Stalag IIB is Jacques Tardi's homage to his father and a testimony to the silent suffering of a generation of men.
Based on René's memories, Stalag IIB - the first of two volumes - recounts brutal years of captivity under the Nazis and the POWs' attempts to reclaim moments of humanity. René recalls the roll calls in sub-zero temperatures, daily acts of resistance, crushing boredom - and especially the omnipresent hunger.
With four decades of cartooning and almost two dozen graphic novels behind him, Jacques Tardi masterfully recreates historical and personal details with remarkable fidelity, guided by extensive research and his father's notes. Featuring some of Tardi's most intense and meticulous drawing, punctuated by somber greys and punches of red and blue rendered beautifully by Rachel Tardi, Stalag IIB is a personal and artistic triumph.

(W) Jean-Claude Forest (A/CA) Jacques Tardi
One of the earliest full-length, standalone graphic novels to be published in Europe, and certainly one of the best and most original, Ici Même was serialized in the adult French comics monthly (A suivre) in the early 1980s and then released in book form. A quarter of a century later, this dark, funny, consistently surprising masterpiece has finally been translated into English.
An unexpected yet smoothly confident collaboration between the darkly cynical Jacques Tardi and the playful fantasist Jean-Claude Forest (of Barbarella fame), You Are There is set on a small island off the coast of France, where unscrupulous landowners have succeeded in overtaking the land from the last heir of a previously wealthy family. That heir, whose domain, in a Beckettian twist, is now reduced to the walls that border these patches of land he used to own, prowls the walls all day, eking out a living by collecting tolls at each gate.
His seemingly hopeless struggle to recover his birthright becomes complicated as the government sees a way of using his plight for the sake of political expediency, and the romantic intervention of the daughter of one of the landowners (who has her own sordid history with the politician) engenders further difficulties, culminating in an apocalyptic, hallucinatory finale.
Set in Tardi?s preferred early 20th century milieu, You Are There is drawn in his crisp 1980s neo-?clear line? style, gorgeously detailed, elegantly stylized, with impossibly deep slabs of black: You Are There is a feast for both the eyes and the brain.
HC: $29.99
SC: $19.99

(W) Don Rosa (A/CA) Don Rosa
Eisner award-winner Don Rosa launched his Carl Barks-inspired career in 1987 and drew two decades' worth of ripping Scrooge and Donald yarns! This volume includes the title story plus "The Beagle Boys Vs. the Money Bin," where Grandpa Blackheart finds the blueprints to Scrooge's vault and "Forget It," where Magica De Spell hits Scrooge and Donald with a brainwashing spell! Presented with brilliant color with a trove of Rosa's cover art and behind-the-scenes factoids, these Duckburg epics are back at a bargain price worthy of Scrooge himself!

(W) Paul Murry (A/CA) Carl Fallberg
Classic Disney artist Paul Murry and writer Carl Fallberg created a series of Mickey and Goofy serials for Walt Disney's Comics and Stories that every Baby Boomer remembers. Join Mickey on the trail of cops-and-robbers capers - from shady doings at "The Last Resort" to Black Pete's raucous wrangles with a Rajah in "The Lost Legion!" Murry's first seven Mickey serials are all here - all newly recolored in the warm colors from the original Dell comic books!

(W) Anne Simon (A/CA) Anne Simon
The Song of Aglaia is the first solo graphic novel by cartoonist Anne Simon, presenting a beautifully crafted female spin on the classic heroic myths of Greek literature, tracing the journey of a victimized and then almighty woman with a graceful understanding of human relationships and loving nods to the Bronte sisters, David Bowie, and the Beatles.

(W) Wallace Wood, Bill Pearson, Steve Ditko, Frank Frazetta, Various (A) Various
Fed up with the restrictions of mainstream comics, cartoonist Wallace Wood created and published witzend. witzend became a cauldron of creativity for Wood and his cartoonist friends like Frank Frazetta, Al Williamson, Gray Morrow, and Reed Crandall, Steve Ditko, Art Spiegelman, Vaughn Bode, Jim Steranko, Jeffrey Catherine Jones, Howard Chaykin, Bernie Wrightson and dozens more. Fantagraphics published the collected witzend in 2014 in a deluxe two-volume box set, selling out immediately. Now we present The Best of witzend, a 280-page distillation of that publishing milestone in a single handsome volume.

(W) Hal Foster (A/CA) Hal Foster
In volume 17, is back in Britain, where he finds himself in the middle of a conflict between Saxon settlers and violent Viking raiders. Gawain's return journey to Camelot is fraught with romantic misadventure and Young Galan goes on a hunt to capture the fabled unicorn. Meanwhile, Arn is enslaved and held for ransom. This volume also includes a supplementary section of rarities and extras, curated by Foster historian Brian M. Kane.

(W) Robert Goodin, Cathy Malkasian, Various
This ALL-NEW, ALL-AGES comic magazine will thrill kids and parents alike! Featuring 48 pages of brand-new comics by acclaimed cartoonists Robert Goodin (The Kurdles), Cathy Malkasian (Percy Gloom), and other surprises! Starring the Kurdles! Greta Grump! Howdy Pardner! Pacho Clokey! The best kids comic mag since the demise of Nickelodeon

(W) Katie Skelly (A/CA) Katie Skelly
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! For three grueling years, Katie Skelly gathered intelligence in the wilds of online, meticulously documenting a private universe of sass photography, fascist surgery, horny skeletons, yonic portals, thrill-seeking vegetation, and multitudinous wry glances and stammered phrases! Now the fruits of her labor may be readily plucked in the compendium of sexed-up webcomics you've been waiting for all your life!

(W) Noah Van Sciver (A/CA) Noah Van Sciver
Acclaimed cartoonist Noah Van Sciver grants us exclusive access to the Artist's process through this collection of his private sketchbooks created between 2013 and 2017. Covering Noah's life, thoughts, and time in Denver, White River Junction (as a Fellow of the Center For Cartoon Studies), and Columbus, Ohio, the artist documents failed relationships, sketches of his surroundings, strange recollections from life and portraits of fellow artists. A candid look at the years in which Van Sciver climbed to the top of his game.


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