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Marvel's Chinese Heroes Launch In China

Written by sdsichero on Friday, May 11 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Marvel's Chinese Heroes Launch In China

With the help of NetEase

Source: Marvel's first Chinese superheroes debut on NetEase Comics

Two years ago Marvel  promised to create Chinese heroes and stories for the Chinese market. Last Summer we were given a sneak peek at what Marvel was working on for the Chinese market, projects called Sword Master and Aero. Those two projects are launching in China now and seem to have evolved a little…

Website Technode has translated the project introduced by Marvel as Sword Master to be "Warriors of Three Sovereigns" (San Huang Dou Zhanshì). Last year the comic was said to tie in with Captain America history and the Ancient One, we're not sure if that still stands but the story is described to be about:

"… an 18-year old college student who picks up an ancient sword to fight against Chiyou (蚩尤), a tyrant roughly dating back to between 2,850 to 2,205 years ago."


warriorsofthreesoverigns-marvel.jpgWarriors of Three Sovereigns promo art by Gun Ji


Aero appears to now be known as Cyclone (Qìxuan). Initially introduced as an Inhuman, she is now being described as:

"… a talented female architect, who can control air currents, protecting an eastern city after a resettlement project goes awry."


cyclone-marvel.jpgCyclone promo art by Keng


These titles are being published by NetEase Comics in China. Eventually these manhua should also arrive in the US. NetEase Comics is also bringing over ten Marvel titles to China including Avengers, Captain America: Steve Rogers, Civil War, and Doctor Strange.

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