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G.I. Joe's 'Snake Eyes' Spinoff Film In The Works

Written by sdsichero on Friday, May 11 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

G.I. Joe's 'Snake Eyes' Spinoff Film In The Works

Fans of the The Quiet Place rejoice?

Source: 'G.I. Joe' Character Snake Eyes Getting His Own Spinoff Movie (Exclusive)

After the second live-action G.I. Joe movie, 2013's G.I. Joe: Retaliation, that film franchise seemed to have stalled. Sure, there were plans for a third movie, but it didn't look like it would get made anytime soon. Late last year though, Paramount announced that the next G.I. Joe movie would hit theaters March 27, 2020.

That being said, it isn't clear if the next Joe movie would be a continuation of the series, or something new as the next film is often reported to be a reboot. Even if they are starting something new, it is possible that not everything would be scrapped from G.I. Joe Three. Early promotion from Three seemed to give some focus on the ninja Arashikage ninja clan, whose most famous member is the mute ninja commando Snake Eyes. And guess who is getting his own film spinoff (well if you read the headline, you know)?

Yes, good 'ol Snake Eyes will be getting his own cinematic silent interlude. Evan Spiliotopoulos, who worked on Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast, is in talks (ahem) to write the Snake Eyes film. Nothing is concrete yet though, including a release date, so we'll have to wait… Silently…

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