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'Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law' Returns for Half-Hour Special THIS FALL!

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, May 15 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

'Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law' Returns for Half-Hour Special THIS FALL!

The series will return this fall for a half-hour special featuring the original voice cast reprising their roles!

Source: ‘Harvey Birdman, Attorney General’ Lands At Adult Swim With New Special

One of Adult Swim's original shows is coming back for one more performance! Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law will be returning for a half-hour special which will feature Harvey tackling his craziest case yet (per Deadline)! Yes, the superhero turned lawyer (Gary Cole) will be using both his job skills to tackle Phil Ken Sebben (Stephen Colbert) being elected the 46.5th President of the United States before Phil kind of destroys the world. Cause Phil would do that. 

Also confirmed to return will is the rest of the original voice cast for the show. John Michael Higgins (Mentok the Mindtaker), Phil Lamar (Black Vulcan), Paget Brewster (Birdgirl), Chris Edgerly (Peter Potamus), and Peter MacNicol (X the Eliminator aka this will make a happy Zechs). You just know they'll throw Reducto (also Colbert) somehow into this too. YOU JUST KNOW IT! 

Original co-creators Erik Richter and Michael Ouweleen for the show will serve as executive producers along with Richard Ferguson-Hull and Evan Adler for the special. It'll air sometime this fall (probably in November). 


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