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Marvel Gets Writers For Their 'Eternals' Movie

Written by sdsichero on Wednesday, May 16 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Marvel Gets Writers For Their 'Eternals' Movie

Wait, they were serious?

Source: Marvel Sets Black List Writers for 'Eternals' Movie (Exclusive)

Apparently not learning from what happened with their Inhumans  effort, Marvel appears to have been serious when they said they were working on getting Eternals to the big screen. Marvel Studios has hired two writers from the top of the Black List to write a script for an Eternals movie: Matthew and Ryan Firpo.

If there was a property more Kirby than Inhumans, it might just be Eternals, which tells of the race called the Eternals, genetic experiments on earthlings by the Celestials. Now, the Celestials in the comics and in the Marvel Cinemeatic Universe may be a bit different (as with all things that go to the big screen), but the movie version would probably still would be pretty cosmic in nature.

At any rate, yeah, there is an Eternals movie in the works. Perhaps they just want something to compete with DC's New Gods  movie?

No release date (or official announcement) has been revealed for Eternals.

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